Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Sum-Up

Pardon any bad spelling or grammer in this, I am utterly distracted by Battle Rabbit on Iron Chef and thinking about the wonderful rabbit at Guy Savoy.....

Anyway..... Saturday in Vegas.

I woke up early again - another drunken fratboy 6 am alarm clock - and watched the sunlight hit Caesar's and slowly make its way down the building. Tried to not disturb the hubby for a little while, then tried to disturb him as I wanted to make a coffee run and get his behind outta bed. I finally woke him up to get some cash, and headed down for coffee. It was a day for a large mocha and a shot of espresso for me.

It was slow moving, as hubby found the CW/WB network and was all about sitting around and catching his usual Saturday cartoons. We finally did get moving, and headed over to the Bellagio to check out the conservatory. We decided not to lug the camera along, since we were probably going to hit the Mag Mile shops since hubby was in the market for some new Converse (and even in a shoe that he knows his size well, he's a "Try them on" kinda guy).

Good thing we didn't bring the camera.... it was the same display we saw this time last year for Chinese New Year.

Walked over to the Jean Paul Patterserrie but the place was mobbed, so we headed over to Fatburger. Fatburger was good, as always. Crowded, but good.

Then we did head over to the Mag Mile shops... I went to the Department 56 store and got some Christmas ornaments (I do that most trips) and then we went to a store where the hubby had seen the shoes he wanted on Thursday. Turns out, the store only carried up to size 8 mens. Seriously???

So, we decided to trek it over to the Fashion Show mall. Hit a couple shoe stores and the hubby ended up with some Iron Maiden Vans, I hit the bookstore and got a neat "Las Vegas - Then and Now" book with photos of all the old spots and what is there now, and a little history on each spot. Pretty neat.

Back at the casino, there was an open seat on one of the new "Press Your Luck" groups of machines that had a bonus round. Well, hubby and I both have an unnatural fondness for the old game show and the Whammy, so I sat down and we plunked in $40. One bonus round, but no good Whammy fun out of it.

Back to the room, back for some rest, and then down to the casino for evening fun. My poker machine stopped showing me love, and the hubby had a bad run at a bad vibe table for the tune of a couple hundred before he went to find a new table. He was doing alright until a dealer change where a nametag-less kid came behind the felt, and hubby joked "Uh oh... the 'cooler' here to clean me out!" Yeah. He said that to someone else before, another young kid without a name tag, and ended up getting cleaned out. No different this time. But he had a good run and he was a happy man by the time he'd given back all his chips. I cashed out on my machine and tried to find the cocktail waitress who'd been taking care of me for the night to give her an additional tip, but she was no where to be found. I figured the $3 for each beer would have to do.

We cashed out my tickets and actually ended up with about $300. And there was even a hundred bucks I hadn't even broken. At least I did good on this trip.....

We hadn't eaten dinner, so we hit the little take-away pizza counter. We've had slices from it before and while not great, they weren't too bad. We decided to get a whole pepperoni and "sausage" pizza. What we got was a pepperoni pizza sprinkled with ground beef. Seriously, people?? It was ground beef. It wasn't even pork. That stuff had no business being called "Sausage". It didn't even have any flavoring too it.

We followed the disappointing pizza with some beers from the hotel gift shop, did as much packing as we could, and went to sleep.

This morning (Sunday) was of course the one day I wanted to stay curled under the covers until 9am, but we had to get to the airport. And of course, when we got to the airport we found out the flight was delayed by an hour. Great.

Flight was OK. In-flight movie was "Becoming Jane" which was soooooo boring. And I love Jane Austen.

Oh... and word to the dude sitting next to me that decided to steal my in-flight snack pretzels.... it's a plane. They have us packed in like sardines, and if my hubby took my pretzels he'd admit it since I was saving them for him. It's not like someone from even a row back snagged them. And I am a fat girl. I will notice when someone swipes my damned pretzels. Especially because I was SAVING THEM FOR MY HUSBAND. Jackass. Hope karma is a bitch to him.

Now, we're back home, ordered a pizza for dinner to wipe out the bad memory of the bad, bad pizza from last night. I still have to unpack a little and have a little more work to get done tonight. Home clocks have all been reset for the time change, and looking forward to my own comfy bed tonight. Not looking forward to going in to work tomorrow as much.....

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