Saturday, March 15, 2008

Nuttin much happening....

It's been quiet since we got back from Vegas.

Travel plus the time change over the weekend plus being stuck (yet again!) in Addendum Help for my old company has kicked my ass this week. And general just "not feeling well".

Cooking has been laughable... old, easy standards, nothing exciting. Tonight was delivery pizza... I was going to do the usual steaks/potato/veg for dinner, but the steaks at the markets today looked horrible and were not on sale. No fun.

I am going to be making some soda bread and a wheat soda-type bread tomorrow for the usual St. Pat's dinner at the parnet-in-laws' house tomorrow.

And Easter is also looming on the horizon... plan to make a fancy crepe cake-thing from the newest issue of Gourmet, some tiramisu brownies, and maybe some kind of appetizer. Possibly a crab/horseradish dip. I had forgotten I bought some sage cheese and brie also, so I might just bring those over. At this point, it will depend on if I feel any better next week.

But, corned beef and cabbage for dinner tomorrow, likely I'll use leftovers to make some hash on Monday with some poached eggs. I've also got a hankering for some steamed chinese buns, so I think I'll be doing a stir-fry at some point. Hot dogs were also on sale this week, and the hubby is always happy with some chili dogs for dinner. Might also do some pepper & egg sandwiches, which I haven't done in awhile. All fairly easy stuff.

But, for now, it's an evening for finishing "Bone in the Throat" and relaxing.

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