Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mommy, who is that lady all covered in flour?

Why, that's no lady... that's the Hausfrau!

For Easter this year, I got the urge to bake. Not typical for me, but I went with it.

And sorry for the lack of pictures... ran out of memory and I had too much to do to sit for a half hour and sort thru pictures.

First round of the day was the Grand Marnier Crepe Cake. The funniest thing about this was being about halfway thru making the crepes, and taking out a separate plate to use for the prettiest crepe I'd made so far. But then the next one was prettier. And the next one was even more beautimus, and so it went until I was out of batter. I did flub the recipe... forgot to put the sugar in the crepe batter so I just used the whole amount in the whipped cream. We'll see how it is tomorrow, but from licking my fingers clean from the whipped cream, it ought to be good.

Next up was Carrot Cake muffins. Made this recipe before, and it's always good. I usually just leave the maple syrup out of the frosting but was actually going to try it this time... until I discovered I was out of syrup. And I ain't putting the hubby's fake shelf-stable syrup in my cooking. I was also rushing a bit and should have let my butter sit out longer, I ended up with lumpy frosting. I think after a good 5 minute spin in the Kitchen Aid I got most of them out. I'm not stressing over it. Lumps of butter are always a good thing, right??

Last baking was the Tiramisu Brownies. Hubby looked over my shoulder as I was looking thru a magazine one day and said he wanted them. I've had the good on hand to make them for awhile, so I finally decided to. They don't look like the recipe, as some reviewers said, it was hard to get the top-brownie part to work right. But, I'm sure they'll taste good. I did also cut the amount of coffee. That sure seemed like a lot.

And now it is time to dust off the flour and do the browned butter and almonds that I'll pour over some green beans tomorrow. Then cleaning up the kitchen, and I am DONE for the weekend.

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