Monday, March 24, 2008

No longer Master of the Crepe

I have to say, on Saturday, I was the master of the crepe.

The cake actually did turn out wonderfully and was much enjoyed by all (including a young cousin, who ate what was about 2-3 slices worth). I happily left the remainder of the cake with the parent in law's since they enjoyed it and I knew they'd eat it before we did.

The original plan was to do extra crepes on Saturday so I could use them later in the week. But, I did also take time to run out on Saturday morning to try and find a gasket for my blender (which I couldn't) so I was a little crunched for time. Decided to skip the extra crepes.

Tonight, the plan was some crepes filled with a ham and cheese sauce. I felt confident, knowing how fan-flippin-tastic I was with the crepes on Saturday.

Today? Not so much.

First of all, when one is measuring out the stuff for a recipe, one should pay extra attention to make sure when it calls for cream, you grab the cream, and NOT the buttermilk. And then measure and add to everything else before you realize what you just did.

The original recipe for the crepes made about 24, so I figured if I did 1/3 of the recipe, I'd get about 8 crepes. Apparently the space/time continuum was a little off in my kitchen this evening, as a 1/3 of the recipe gave me 4 crepes. Four very fragile, kept tearing crepes. And by this point I was out of cream.

So, whipped up another batch using all milk, and at least got two usable crepes (out of four more attempts) outta that batch. I figured they were at least lower fat, they'd be mine.

Filled them with the already-made ham & cheese sauce (at least the culinary gods were smiling on me with that one, I didn't measure a thing but made a pretty decent bechamel) and topped them with the remaining sauce, and popped them under the broiler for a couple minutes.

Hubby said they were fantastic, and I thought they were good.

I chalk up this kitchen half-disaster to really really bad heartburn. The hubby brought home some gin, limes and tonic last Friday so we had several gin & tonics over the weekend. While we were in Vegas, at Guy Savoy, we had what we declared the bestest gin & tonics ever (and at $10 a pop in the land of free booze, a bit steep, but in the end well worth it) so we were both scratching a craving. However, the tonic water has given me the worst heartburn I've had in years, so I'm a little uncomfortable and distracted.

Years ago I went thru a deal with heartburn and spent a year on Prilosec while my doctor tested for every cause under the sun and found nothing. The Prilosec messed up my system for the year I was on it and a year afterwards, which is about the time I swore off all prescription meds that we're safe, harmless, reliable things like Valium. No doctor caught it, but talking to another person with a similar problem brought it to light that my diet of healthy iceburg and romaine lettuce salads were the problem. I guess I can now add tonic water to the list of "will give you terrible heartburn to the point you think you're having a heart attack" foods. Sigh. Just have to watch and not have it in too large of amounts for too long of a stretch.

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