Monday, April 7, 2008

The diet blahs....

Yeah.... currently in a bit of a diet funk.

Since Vegas, the scale has. not. budged. And it's frustrating. I should be exercising right now, but I'm not. And that is not a good sign.

I've been here before... I know what I need to do... start planning everything out better, including planning. More than just planning the week's dinners... planning ALL my food to the point of making sure meals are more balanced.

Also, I'm really getting sick of eating out lunches. Thought it would be fun... a nice treat.... to make it a point to head out to lunch every day. Yes, it has been nice to make it a point to get out of the office, but frankly I'm getting darned tired of the food. One problem is that the lunch room at work is not nearly as big as it needs to be for our building, so it's hard to even get a seat around lunchtime. There are quite a few people at work that actually take their lunch to their car to eat, seats are always so scarce. I might need to start looking in to getting down there early, around 11am or so, so I can actually get in my OWN food. I donno. Still thinking about it. But in any case, this "no food at the desk" thing is just insane. Like, close to "deal breaking" insane. Bleh.

Doesn't help that I've been a walking kitchen disaster the past few days.... there is an episode where Homer is trying to make breakfast for Mr. Burns, his boss, and every thing he tries to make catches on fire. Including pouring milk on cereal. I was about that talented yesterday. Didn't toast enough panko for all the veal cutlets (last night it was veal parm for dinner). Forgot to sauce the cutlets before coating them with cheese. Forgot to get mozzarella at the grocery store (luckily I had some cheese). Tonight was a new recipe, chicken fried skirt steaks, and the hubby liked them but I guess I am just not a fan skirt steak. I ended up eating two slices of sage derby cheese and a peanut butter cup for dinner. Healthy!

And I have some ground beef in the fridge that I should cook up tonight. Not going to be home tomorrow night, my bro had some surgery today and the plan is to go visit him tomorrow, which means I won't be home until late.


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