Sunday, April 13, 2008

I think there is a wormhole in my pantry....

Dude. Seriously.

The agenda for today was to make chili, given the unseasonable cold and the depletion of my reserves of chili in the freezer. And I figured I'd get the bonus of using up some of the many cans of tomato soup and beans that I'd seen when I did a re-org recently. Got the beef and onions done, and went to find the beans and tomato soup from the pantry.

One can of beans. One can of tomato soup.

I *know* I'd seen more.

And also, while I was looking, there was a bottle of Dijonaise right up front/on top of everything. When I cooked brats last week, I spent ten minutes moving/looking for that bleepin' bottle and could not find it. It was not there last week.

Stupid pantry wormhole. Sigh.

So, it was off to the market, and I did have a couple other things I wanted to pick up. No biggie.

Decided to go to the "other" produce mart I hit sometimes. Great produce, great deli, lots of ethnic items. But man, I hate the people who shop there. It seems like every person in the store at any given time thinks that they are THE most important person in the world. It starts in the parking lot. People parking in the fire lane, non-handicapped people parked in the handicapped spaces, Hummers taking up two or three spaces... it's a nightmare. And then you walk in, and people are rude and it's just not enjoyable.

But I did make it out alive, with a giggle at two dudes in chef gear who were raiding the sections of fresh herbs.

Home, and the chili is cooking away in the crockpot, so I can take it easy this afternoon. Was thinking of going over to Trader Joes... but I'm feeling lazy. And I'd like to catch up on the two episodes of The Riches that are waiting on the Tivo. Or I might just continue to watch the Top Chef marathon.

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