Saturday, April 19, 2008


I am either a very light sleeper for the night, or a very sound sleeper for the night. On Thursday night/Friday morning, I was apparently a very, very sound sleeper. I slept thru an earthquake.

Mind you, in the midwest, we don't get whoppers. Also, the epicenter was about 240 miles away. But people who were awake for it, or woken to a more concious state than me and the hubby, had a very "WTF" experience with it and all knew it was something, and not something normal.

I only remember getting up to go to the bathroom, and not being able to fall asleep again. Which had me tired on Friday. I also knew there would be no napping for me on Friday since I needed to get the mini bagel dogs made for my nephew's b-day party, and it was up early this morning to get all the last minute stuff done before the long drive to my bro's house.

Party was fun... tons of kids... thankfully they just had the basement finished, so the insanity was contained down there, mostly. But it was fun.

There was a little vague talk about what the plan is going to be for Mother's Day. I know that my bro is on reduced pay while he's on leave as he recovers from surgery, so I think the expensive brunch we've done the past few years isn't going to be an option. Might gather everyone here for a late brunch thing.. don't know yet.

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