Monday, April 14, 2008

Pork challenged


That Word Guy will be very happy to know I finally did manage to catch it on super-sale while placing an Amazon order, and I am now a proud owner of the pan. Put that one on your watch lists, folks... when it's $20, it's a steal. Yes, I finally did listen after the many, many times you told me to get that pan. And it does indeed rock. And if any of the people I buy gifts for in my life cooked, I'd get this pan for them.

Too bad the first meal in it didn't turn out so well.

Was trying a new recipe that is basically pork chops and then a pan sauce with peaces. Sauce was ok, pork chops looked the same raw in their package, but cooked up to one about an inch thick and one about a half inch thick. I got the thick chop. I'm usually not squeamish about pink pork, but my chop was a bit too pink even for me.

Yeah. Dinner ended up being Kraft Mac & Cheese and then a slice of swiss cheese. It coulda been worse.

I am also absolutely in love with the show Top Gear on BBC America. It's like "car show" meets Monty Python. Just awesomeness.

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