Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Like a good neighbor......

(..... State Farm is theeeeeeeeeerrrrree.......)

(oh, and Carrie, if you're reading this... go to another page. Now. There will likely be much swearing and bad will towards others following this)

Why are good neighbors so hard to find??

A good neighbor (at least to me) is someone who is not trying to be your best friend, or someone who is up in your face about everything.

Something must be in the air along with spring and massive amounts of pollen.... a huge bug up many of the neighbor's asses.

(see Carrie? I told you to leave.... get out while you still can!!!)

It started last week with neighbor on the right. Came over at 11pm to bitch about us parking in front of his house. Now, we're in an odd little situation on our little section of townhomes... we actually legally own the paved surface in front of our house. But the guy was being a bit of an ass about it all.... there are ways to be neighborly and ways to a complete tool about it and he was sure HAMMERing home the point.... whatever. Hubby (after I told him about the exchange... didn't call him down while I talked to the guy 'cause I knew Hubby would get hotheaded) groaned and moved the offending car. Oh... might I mention... these people don't put an actual car of theirs in their garage... it's filled with boxes that have been there since they moved in. Yeah, I judge.

Neighbor on the left is actually OK... he's an old dude, and gets that a good neighbor is polite conversation and asking for things nicely. He mentioned he's got some people working on his place, and he'd appreciate if we left the space in front of our adjoining lots open so the dudes can park there. Fine... you asked nice, we get it, not a problem.

After the work-type dudes were obviously gone, the Hubby parked a car out front. Yeah, he did it badly, parking on the section of "lot" where the plow dudes totally hacked up our grass. But Monday morning, the neighbor two doors to the left - the daughter of old dude - was knocking/ringing our bell at 6am. SIX AM, PEOPLE. I don't want someone doing that unless our OWN townhome is on fire, especially on a Monday morning. The Hubby went down for that one, and if he was not in a sleep-haze I fear what would have happened. Let me say right here.... as a total attack on some of my gender... there are reasons some women are unmarried. Just try to learn how to be a little civil and not such a self-centered BLEEEEEEEEEEEEP BLEP BLEEPETY BLEEP about things. Please. If you could realize that people are people and they very often have more things going on in life that whatever is your cause for that ten minutes, you'd likely be a lot happier.

And... might I mention our lawn might not be so hacked to bit if she, as part of the association board, tried a little harder to pick a landscaping crew that could tell a weed from a lilac bush??

Let's just say that last night, the Hubby and I were dreaming of winning the lotto and having a contest to give this place to somebody who is the most annoying neighbor EVER. C'mon... we try to keep quiet. We keep the place up. I try to make the yard look nice. I'll have conversations with neighbors when it seems fit, but let them escape or go on their way when I think that is what they want to do. Am I such a bad neighbor??


The Country Mouse said...

Sorry about your neighbor problems. I find that neighbors are rarely neutral. They are great or truly awful.

But I'm sitting laughing out loud at your Carrie warnings!

Scarehaircare said...

I'm laughing at the Carrie warnings, too!! I dutifully closed my eyes before I was corrupted forever.

My worst neighbor, in a typical effort to wound us, referred to DD as a monkey (she did not mean it as a compliment). Mr. Wonderful shook his head sadly and told her she was a pathetic old woman. She moved not long after.

Sorry you are having neighbor (and landscaper) woes. :(