Thursday, April 3, 2008

Shut up! Shut up! Bloody vikings.

Spam... Spam... Spam... Spam......

Lovely spam! Wonderful spam!

No, this is not just a recreation of one of the funniest comedy sketches ever.... tonight's menu featured Spam.

The hubby and I both have a weakness for Spam. Some slices, fried up nicely... half your daily suggested intake of sodium and some potted meat goodness all in one swoop. And tasty porky goodness never hurts anything.

Tonight was fried eggs, some Spam, Crisp Potato Hash Browns, and toast. Good stuff.

Really, it was all brought on by the fact they now sell Spam in "single slice" packets (think the tuna fish pouches) that I just HAD to try out. One reason we don't have Spam as much as we like (but probably as little as we SHOULD) is I just utterly suck at trying to slice the stuff outta the can. It's been several years since I even tried, and part of the problem may have been the Ginsu knives I had at the time. But man, the pouch things ROCK. Tear open a pouch, ooze out the meat, and ready to rock.

Why is Spam considered so evil anyway? I know a lot of people consider it trashy food, and maybe I do also, but is it so bad? Is it the name? Would it be better if it was just called "ham terrine"?? Is a slice of Spam served with some eggs, potatoes and toast any worse of a meal than boxed mac & cheese served with frozen chicken strips and ranch dressing? I think the times have changed. There are FAR bigger culinary crimes out there nowadays.

As for me... my love of Spam is renewed. And now I have to try and find some good Spam fried rice recipes since we have always wanted to try it, and the potted meat is a LOT cheaper than a trip to Hawaii to see how they do it right....


Scarehaircare said...

Don't for get that Hawaiian Blue Plate Special made with Spam, fried eggs, hashbrowns and gravy over all. My kids fell in love with the Spam version and the burger version. Then there is the Hawaiian luau specialty of crumbled Spam, coconut milk and something I forget, cooked in banana leaves (we have to use spinach here). The whole mess is then scraped up with Polynesian tinned cracker bread and eaten like a dip. Sounds disgusting, but very addicting.

I even have a few packs of that single slice Spam in my pantry. i am thinking some fried egg and Spam are in order this weekend after WI.

Marilyn said...

Spaaaaam, wonderful spam!

Tis a guilty pleasure for my hubby and I, although, our children didn't seem to inherit our spam joy.

And now I'm wishin' I could find these single serving packets of Spam in my regular groshury stores.

mateymatt said...

I have a great recipe for spam if you would like it. Email me and I will give it to you.

That Word Guy said...

"Is a slice of Spam served with some eggs, potatoes and toast any worse of a meal than boxed mac & cheese served with frozen chicken strips and ranch dressing?"

Only a little. But you don't see me eating the latter, either. ;)