Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blizzard Watch 2009 - Round two??

I am officially sick of winter.

Last night was the first Blizzard Watch 2009... we were supposed to get fluffy, light snow followed by high winds, which apparently = blizzard.

Since the hubby works close to the hospital my mom was at, he picked her up when they sprung her and drove her home. I had gotten to work early so I could leave early just in case something happened and the hubby couldn't get there, so I got to leave work early. That meant a quick stop at the store for essentials like soda, onions, potatoes and eggs, since I can't do much cooking without onions, potatoes and eggs. Also picked up some fried chicken at the market, which was not very good when we sat down to dinner, but eh, it was good enough.

Woke up early this morning to get on the road and found..... no blizzard-like aftermath. Sure, it snowed, and it was messy, but it wasn't too bad for me.

By the time I got to work, they were already talking about Blizzard Watch 2009 - The Remake! hitting tonight. It's since be downed to just a winter storm thing... but with snow coming tonight and winds in the morning, followed by a stretch of sub zero HIGH temps.... well, that seems blizzard-like to me.

Cooking is utterly "meh" this week... I'm fine with that. Still trying to figure out how to work in work, workouts, cooking and the new TV shows all in one evening. And I think I'm finally getting over my stinkin' cold.

But in any case... so... sick... of... winter. And given the current economy we didn't even do our usual Christmas booking of the March/April Vegas trip... I can put up with winter when I know I have some Vegas in the near future.

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