Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Your cooking has two moves Marge....

After a day of trying to convert some serious engineer-speak ("select the selection and after you have selected the selection blah blah blah..." seriously?) my brain usually hurts. It's really a day spent doing some serious manual translation. You need to read every sentance, figure out how many thoughts are really in there, then play with the software and try to figure out what the heck they REALLY mean, and then work it all into something that can be useful to a reader AND not offend the submitting engineer enough that they'll throw a hissy fit. Because some do - when you don't use their exact wording, they will fight you. Sometimes to the point where you need to go "well I'm not asking you to fix X, Y, and Z in your code... don't play around with the words. That's my job."


So, tonight I needed comfort food. Something that makes a foodie really happy.

Hey... Shake'N Bake and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese makes me happy sometimes. Deal with it.

And I love the Steamfresh veggies. If you haven't picked them up, do so. I have a bit of a complex about using too many microwave steamer bags, and I figure these cook in the bag they came in, so my ecological guilt is appeased, a little.

Oh yeah... don't forget the apple sauce. SO important with pork chops.

I am not so much of a food snob that I disagree with some help from store-bought products and not doing everything from scratch. Would I serve this if company was coming over? No. Was it a nice, stress free cooking night for a day where I was so out of it that I walked into the kitchen 15 minutes after I put the pot of water on the stove, only to find I forgot to turn on the burner? Yes. Was it tasty enough? Yes.

All items were prepared as per package directions. Hey... ya don't have to crap up a good thing. Just follow the directions that someone translated, even from food-engineer speak.


The Country Mouse said...

You made me laugh with engineer speak. "Select the selection," indeed! Good memories. :)

Hurricane Mikey said...

I don't know what you think you're up to, Sandra Lee, but we're not fooled. Bring back the Hausfrau, pronto, or I'm going to leave a big steaming pile of dog poo right in the middle of your 'tablescape'.

MrsVJW said...

ROFL.... oddly... on Sunday, Ms. Lee is doing a recipe that is Shake'N Bake coated chicken that is then coated with buffalo sauce to make.... buffalo strips.

I made it even easier... whenever I use Shake'N Bake, the entire chicken/pork cutlet is usually just covered in hot sauce when I put it on my plate.