Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Productive Without Pictures

I left my cell phone/camera in the car. And I'm not putting on real pants to go out and get it.

Today was a productive day in the kitchen, though.

After being a slug yesterday (migraine, which means I need all the energy I can muster to constantly adjust the light and TV sound levels to what is acceptable at that moment) I was determined to be more productive today... and I started early.

Woke up early, and I threw the leftover chicken carcass from last night's dinner (chicken enchiladas) and some veg and water into the slow cooker for some chicken stock.

Went to work. Did lots of stuff. Attended training for our new bug tracking system (welcome to the year 2000?).

Came home, made a version of Ina Gaten's Bay Scallop Gratin for dinner (needs work... with the scallops we get around here, I need to cut WAY back on the liquid, but it was still tasty). Cleaned that up. Browned three pounds of ground beef and some chopped onions so it can hide in the freezer until Superbowl Sunday for chili. Roasted four pounds of chicken backs/necks (it seems to be mostly backs, but that is fine) to also go into the freezer stash for chicken stock in the near future. Made a version of the Cook's Country Cincinnati Chili using ground turkey (might actually like it better than the beef version, we'll see if the hubby agrees). Cleaned the kitchen, cleaned out the fridge for garbage day.

Tried to figure out how the heck the strategy for Omaha Hold 'Em poker works, and I'm still clueless. But I'm fine with that.

And I pretty much did all this to avoid having to scrub down the bathrooms. Priorities, ya know.

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