Thursday, January 29, 2009

Song Poisoning....

So... watching the morning news (wooo!! Rock it, WGN!) this morning, they had the usual "Around Town" segment, with some local group that is doing some staged musical that takes all the greatness that is School House Rock. Problem is, they were not doing it well. The segment I saw, they were doing "Three Is A Magic Number". And it was notgood. I might be biased... one of my favorite bands, Blind Melon (RIP Shannon, you idiot) did the most awesomest cover of that ever, and I had it going thru my head. All. Day. And of course, I don't have it on CD. And I couldn't find it in any of the fifty places I keep my MP3s.

I had a real post to do tonight... really I did.... Parmesan Steak Fries and the start of prep for Superbowl weekend with some Blow-Your-Mind Blue Cheese dip that I made for the chicken wings... but after spending an hour searching for it and then some time downloading other stuff to my MP3 player before I bothered to go on to The Internets to find this song... yeah... evening gone. And I still gotta watch Hell's Kitchen.

But thank you Internet... I have heard it now, it is downloaded to my Palm, and I will likely listen to it about ten times tomorrow. And I would ROCK a math test on the multiples of three, thanks to my fondness of this one, even the original since I was a kid and it was standard Saturday morning viewing.

No animation.... just the song. But it's great.

(We'll see if I do this right.... yay! I know how to post video!!!)

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