Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend Update

Been a busy weekend around these parts. And the weather hasn't helped.

We were expecting a big snow to start coming through on Friday night, and in anticipation of that, I made a quick stop at the store on Thursday night to get provisions to do some frozen pizzas for dinner on Friday (my weekly "no cook" night). I already suspected I was coming down with a cold thanks to our petri dish of an office, and by Friday morning when I made it through the first round of snow and got to work, all I wanted was for it to be 5pm so I could go home and crash in bed for the night.

No such luck.

I'd talked to my mom on Thursday night and she mentioned she was feeling a bit... um... blocked up. What she kinda failed to mention was that she was kinda in pain from it. When she got up on Friday she was in a lot of pain, so she called in to work and went to see the doctor, and her doc did a CAT scan on her right away (his office is at a diagnostic facility). She went to go fill a prescription and while doing that, the doc called and said it was likely that she had an infection in her colon due to diverticulitis. He suggested maybe going over to the hospital that afternoon to have it checked out, and she did, and they ended up admitting her to the hospital and putting her on IV antibiotics and fluids.

I left work as early as I could, met the hubby at the house, and we headed to the hospital. Met my bro & sis in law & the kids there and visited with mom for a bit. She was not doing well, but glad she was at least there and hopeful to get better.

The roads were terrible on our way home, we picked up some McD's because it was on the way home. We didn't get home until pretty late.

We'd planned to go by on Saturday afternoon, but when I called my mom, my bro & fam were just leaving and she said she hadn't slept the night before and just wanted to try and get some sleep. I liked that plan so much, I decided to crash myself. I slept on and off for the entire afternoon and into the evening, and when my mom called she said not to bother to come by since the predicted snow went way longer than expected and roads were a mess. Hubby confirmed they were a mess when he came back from the hot dog stand down the block with a chili dog and some of their awesome chicken rice soup for me.

We did go to visit mom today (after I made a quick run thru the grocery store to stock up on some stuff for her, then we went to her house to clean up a bit, let the dog out, play with the dog, and pack some more clothes for her) and I'm happy to say that she was doing and looking MUCH better, finally getting at least liquid food, and should hopefully be going home tomorrow.

Hey... lady,... is there a point to this?

Oh. Yeah. Sorry. Blame the rambling on the cold brain.


Cook More, 2009: Week 2 - The Dinner Edition

Tonight is a night I'd usually just not cook. Too tired, my brain is mush, if I tried to handle one of my serious knives I'd likely lose a hunk of skin. But I am lucky enough to have a pretty well-stocked freezer.

A recent blog post by Michael Ruhlman talked about a Mark Bittman NYT article talking about the "new" gourmet pantry, and Michael Ruhlam went a little farther to talk about things people keep in their freezers.

I'm a huge fan of the freezer, because on a night like tonight, nothing is more wonderful.

I made fried eggplant on New Year's Eve, and when I'm gonna fry eggplant, I make it a point to make more than I know I'll use, since it freezes wonderfully for the purpose of making a quick eggplant parm later down the line. I knew before we even left the house that I was sick of eating out and I wanted some nice, home food. I pulled the eggplant out of the freezer before we left, and while doing the shopping for my mom I did pick up a loaf of french bread, but I also almost always have a demi-baguette in the freezer.

First up.... Cheesy Garlic Bread. Yum!

I almost always have fresh garlic on hand, and I am still in butter-overload mode in the fridge. Didn't follow the recipe exactly, I melted all my butter while cooking the garlic since I didn't start with room temp butter.

Bring on the bread.....

I actually split the loaf into quarters... I baked off half of the loaf tonight, and stuck the rest in the freezer. When one taketh from the freezer, one should replace-ith what one taketh....

Mmmm... in it's garlic, cheesy glory....

On to the eggplant....

Layers of sauce, parm, romano and mozzerella go in between each little layer of eggplant....

Ready to go into the oven.....

I actually just threw it in the oven while the garlic bread was doing it's magic, but I've been known to (OK, I usually) throw it in the mircowave to heat it through.

Mmm.... eggplanty goodness.

Thank you, freezer, from keeping me from more french fries tonight.

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