Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!!!

I wanted to do a real post... really I did.

I even took some pictures of the dinner prep tonight (duck) and got as far as downloading them.

But then I started to take down the Christmas ornaments, and for the first time ever, I broke one. Sorry, Superman. Don't know if we've got an odd spot that has a red sun in our place, but Superman got dropped and lost a foot. And it pissed me off. It's one of the ornaments that has gone at the top of the tree since the hubby and I started shackin' up. I had to spend some time on Ebay, and for $27ish including shipping, the replacement should be here soon.

For now... I'll leave you with one thing I have already learned in 2009....

When you're making yourself a morning Bloody Mary and you're too lazy to go digging thru the spice cabinet to find the celery salt, Bacon Salt works might, mighty fine as a replacement. Maybe even a little better than the celery salt.

(Man... I wonder how it is sprinkled on your usual Chicago hot dog... might have to try that.....)

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Hurricane Mikey said...

Bacon Salt.

Welcome to the Dark Side, young Padawan...