Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Hubby Most Favorite Chicken Dinner

Growing up, every morning, my dad would ask my mom what was for dinner before he left for work.

He was a foodie. I get it. He spent the rest of the day until dinner time looking forward to that meal.

My mom hated it. Who wants to commit to a dinner plan at 6am? And although my mom is very good at following a recipe, she is not a foodie. She eats mostly because she needs to. Kinda like the hubby. He's often said that if he didn't need to eat food to survive, he could live without it. (I wonder what planet he came from when he says that)

Every night now, as a proper Hausfrau, I need to decide what is for dinner. Thankfully, the earliest I have to decide is by about noon when I need to know if I need to send the "No Taco Bell for lunch" email to the hubby if I'm making Mexican food for dinner. But there are times when I arrive home from work and still don't know exactly what I'm making for dinner. I'm kinda happy to not have the pressure to decide at 6am.

But all that said, I wish my "soooo not a foodie" husband was even just slightly more of a foodie. He's come to appreciate my cooking, and his own mother takes many opportunities to tell him that he doesn't fully appreciate a wife who cooks him a lovely dinner every night, but he's still not a foodie.

For instance... the Most Favorite Chicken Dish I make?

Frozen frakin' cordon bleu chicken breasts.


See that there are 3 of them the picture?

That is his doing. He wants to eat TWO of them. I was instructed in that long ago... when I serve this up, he wants seconds.

Mind you, when I've tried - many, many times - to make my own from scratch, he'll eat about half of one and move the rest around the plate for awhile and then go looking for the potato chips.

But I will say... they're cheap, they're easy, and they're mindless. Just what I need sometimes, too, I guess.

(I think my mom would have had some 'splaining to do if she ever served these for dinner when I was a kid. We might have had something like them once, a Market Day thing or something, but I really never ate these until I started shaking up with the hubby.)

It was nice to be able to walk in the front door, change out of the work clothes, turn on the oven and throw some potatoes in, and really not have to think about cooking. And since we're long past the three weeks that occured between the time we closed on our home and we had to be out of the apartment and we spent every night here at the house painting or cleaning or moving and eating frozen dinners every night, he'll even go for a frozen dinner if I am just not up to cooking for the night. Especially if it's one of those dinners that has the brownie. Looooves that brownie.

Yeah, 'tis been a lazy week around here. I suspect next week will be the same. I might need to do some Freezer Exploration and see what goodies I have stashed... I'm 99% sure I can find some taco meat somewhere, and nachos for dinner are also another Favorite Dinner of the hubby. At least I don't feel as dirty about nachos.

But there are other tasks that need to happen this weekend....

To make room for my Le Creuset pot, I needed to move my Tupper-ish-ware cabinet into a smaller one. And it's been a few weeks, and it's getting out of control. Again... the camera can't focus... and neither can I.

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I hate the tupperware cabinet.