Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Survivor: The Workplace Edition

Well, I've at least made it to the next round. I was lucky enough to be passed over by this round of layoffs that happened at my company.

I'm still kinda surprised.

Don't get me wrong... I'm a hard worker and I'm good at what I do, but if I have learned one thing in my post-college lifetime, it's that Technical Writers usually are some of the first to go when they're cutting people. Because a lot of places think that what we do is not important or anyone can do it.

Ever get an utterly crappy manual with some new technological gizmo that you bought? That is what happens when companies don't think that Technical Writers are important. They so "Oh, we can have an engineer do it" or say "we can just use the text from the blurry fax that we got from China when they sold us these things". I guess I am at least lucky that at my current company, there is a very direct relationship to the quality of the documentation and the amount of very expensive support we have to give customers.


Got home tonight, happy and excited and also a little fearful of how long before we'll have our next round of cuts unless people start buying all the technological gizmos that are sitting in stores' inventories..... was looking forward to getting in my workout and a nice dinner.

One outta two ain't bad sometimes.

I started making the Crunchy Baked Pork Chops recipe that I saw on PBS this weekend. Toasted the breadcrumbs and figured I could fit in the workout while the chops were in the oven.

Too bad I missed the very important step in that recipe that says "Increase oven temperature..."

Totally undercooked pork chops. Sigh.

But that is Why God Invented The Frozen Pizza... threw a couple of those in the oven and dinner was only about 15 minutes later than I intended. It might have been my unconcious mind that made me miss that step in the recipe... I was thinking about making some frozen pizzas for dinner anyway, but just decided to do the pork chops. I should remember, the unconcious mind always wins.

And now I can relax - REALLY relax, for the first time in a couple weeks. And start reading up on the places I want to hit when we make it back to Vegas, since we can book our usual spring trip now. Woo hoo!!

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