Thursday, February 26, 2009

Phoning it in.....

Well, that was the original plan.

I knew I had some ravioli in the fridge... and who would have thunk, my fridge was talking to me!!

Dates on them all were Feb. 26th. Well, guess I better use them...

The original thought was to open a jar of alfredo and call it a meal. But a look at the clock.... I could do a quick bechamel. And I had stuff to use up. Sounds like a plan!

Milk, steeping with onion, shallot, garlic, peppercorns and bay leaves.... I let that steep while I got in my workout tonight...

Planned on two sauces... one with just some shredded parm, and another with a vat of "spicy shrimp dip" I bought on an impulse at Whole Foods over the weekend, and some tomato confit.

My final shrimp/tomato sauce....

And the cheesy one.... I also added some grated romano cheese....

Hey.... I got the bowl dirty measuring out the milk, might as well use it twice.

Big pot o' ravioli....

And my final plate... shrimp sauce on the lobster ravioli, and cheese sauce on the artichoke ones...


Bechamel is great for stuff that goes in the oven, but pretty much sucks for "over pasta" use. I should have just opened the jar of alfredo.

Overall, just not a good food day around here.

I am a Recovering Catholic (I think I was... maybe 7.... when we left the Catholic church, but my parents were raised Catholic and went to Catholic school, so it was deep inside the family structure in ways you could not always understand) I always get the desire to eat a lot of fish during lent. Now, I've been Lutheran since we left the Catholic church, and they don't have the same "sorry, you're going to hell because you forgot and ate a cheeseburger on a Friday during lent" that the Catholic church, or what my experience of it was, has. It's not forbidden for the majority of my life. But still.... Friday... need fish.

Doesn't help my co-worker is doing a "no land animals" diet and is fond of fast food, so he asked me about Long John Silvers.

Oh, I loves me some trashy LJS.

And not even the fish... the chicken planks.

Sadly, the LJS that was not far from home closed awhile back. I never saw anyone under 75 in that place. They might have become a victim of all the "senior living facilities" that have come up around here.

But, I knew there was a LJS not too far from work. I figured the first Thursday of Lent was probably going to be better than the first Friday of Lent, so I set off at lunch time today.

And it was GONE. Even though Google, Yahoo and the LJS website did not mention this.

No fair.

I hit the local hot dog joint, got a chicken gyros, but it couldn't compare.

I need to go grab my "Top Secret Recipes" cookbooks to see if I can get my bleedin' fix now. Grumble.

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