Monday, February 2, 2009

Irrationally Angry at My Kitchen

I'm irrationally angry at my kitchen right now (just in case you missed the point reading the title).

At least I know it's irrational anger. It's not my kitchen's fault.

Over the weekend, the water heater started to give us problems (of course! Nothing like a home repair you'll have to throw a few hundy at to pop up right when someone is expecting to get laid off. Should I have expected anything different? I'm actually taking it as a sign that the layoff is going to hit me). When I ran the dishwasher on Saturday, didn't have any problems.

Yesterday I hoped to run the dishwasher before we went over to the brother in law's house, but didn't get the chance. So I did it right before we went to sleep.

Dinner plan tonight was using up my leftover egg yolks from last week in some cheater (low-cal) hollandaise for eggs benedict. A meal that typically dirties a LOT of dishes, pots and pans by the time I warm up the canadian bacon, make the sauce, poach the eggs, and cook up the leftover potato guts I had.

I opened the dishwasher that I assumed contained clean dishes (HINT!) to find out that nope... stuff wasn't cleaned. Everything needed to be wiped down again. Le sigh.

But it's not my dishwasher that I'm irrationally mad at. It's not my dishwasher's fault there is a lack of hot water.

I'm mad at my sink.

My horrible, "cheapest, basic model you could get when you built this place 20 years ago" sink. That is only six inches deep.

A six inch deep sink does not belong ANYWHERE outside of a bathroom. Least of all in a kitchen that actually produces dirty dishes.

I cook with big dishes, pots and pans. Big dishes, pots and pans are damned near impossible to clean in a 6-inch deep sink without getting water all over the cabinets, the floor, and yourself.

I hate it.

And we're hardly in the position where I can demand a new sink for my birthday. As much as I want/planned to.

So, right now, I have a bunch of stuff sitting in there. But I'm irrationally angry, so I've obviously been ignoring it in the hopes the Kitchen Cleaning Fairies come to visit and the problem fixes itself. Even though that's never happened once to me in my 30 plus years on this earth, I take the fact that it hasn't happened yet as an improvement to the odds it might happen this time. I'm an optimist that way.

But I will be headed back into the kitchen in a few minutes, and I'll have to deal with it when we're face-to-face again. I've got some tomato confit ready to come out of the oven (again... current water situation and anger with the kitchen... I really didn't want to spend the time in there, but my tomatoes were about to go south) so I know I'll just grumble, roll up my sleeves and suffer through it.

We are SO having a crockpot pot roast for dinner tomorrow, and I will be using one of my slow cooker liner things. I am NOT scrubbing that stinkin' pot tomorrow night.

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