Friday, February 6, 2009

Lunchtime reflections on the current state of the economy.....

Not eating lunch out much these days, but the past two days have been an eye opener.

Yesterday, I went to the Wendy's near work. Adjacent to to offices, medical offices, shopping, and a high school that lets students leave campus for lunch.

I got there about 12:30, I like to not be stuck in the height of the lunch rush with the local high school kids and all.

Four other people in the place.


Height of the lunch hour.

Near offices, medial offices, and a high school.

Today, I hit my favorite... Roly Poly. Love the place, and a big fan of the lady who took over management from the previous dude who once spent 10 minutes telling me how badly business was going while I was just trying to eat my lunch in under a half hour.

I've been trying to hit there - support the good local businesses, and all - for the Fridays that have been travel-able. In recent weeks, there has been a new dude working the register who has to be her out-of-work-engineer-husband or out-of-work-engineer-family-by-marriage person... nice guy, very sweet, still doesn't have a hang of the place and a blue button-down shirt and khakis kinda show that you are out of place there. Also, some of the Mexican dudes who had been working in the back appear to have been replaced by Indian ladies.

It ain't pretty out there.

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