Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Falling Apart

Friday, when I got to work, sat down at my desk, and it felt like there was a bruise on my arm. Noticed a couple little scratches, but it felt like a bruise. By the end of the day, oh my, it was a bruise. And I'd have had to remember whacking my arm in to something that would cause a bruise like this one.

I've always woken up in the morning with scratches, bruises, cuts and other things. For a very long time, I was puzzled. My college roommate came up with the theory (this was back when the whole world was deep in to the X-Files and aliens and all that stuff) that I was abducted my aliens - just very, very sloppy aliens. On all the shows, people talk about being abducted and returning without any marks or anything. Obviously, I was taken by aliens that did not subscribe to that attention to detail.

I figured out several years later, apparently I'm a sleepwalker. Usually, I'll just wake up around 5am or so on the the couch, but apparently sometimes I manage to make it back to bed. Or I was just abducted by the sloppy aliens again.

After the party on Saturday, I came home and took a little nap. Must have slept funny, because my neck hurt after that. I tried to fluff and reposition my pillows before I went nite nite, but I must not have done it right, since Sunday my neck was in terrible pain. Any moment that was spent driving in the car or at home, I had my travel pillow around my neck because it at least stopped me from turning my neck in the ways that made it hurt most.

Woke up on Monday, and my left eyelid was swollen. Seriously, WTH? I know my allergies have been particularly brutal this year, but this is an odd one. It has happened to me in the past, but it's still got me annoyed.

I thought I had another ten or so years before my body started to fall apart like this. Sigh.

Cooking has not been anything to talk about this week. Didn't make it to the grocery store over the weekend with all the goings-on, so I'm working outta the freezer and fridge. Also, the hubby has been pulling major (unpaid.. I hate being a salaried employee sometimes) overtime over the past week and a half while his boss is out, so trying to aim for a time to have dinner ready has been difficult. Ok, I admit, I just haven't even tried. Sue me.

Forgot what we had Monday... oh yeah, Polish sausage and cabbage & onions. Slice an onion, slice a head of cabbage, saute it for a couple minutes, then add a cup of chicken stock and a heaping tablespoon of dijon mustard, cover, and let it simmer away. I'll usually just dump the sausage on top to reheat. I love cabbage, and something about the mustard really keeps the house from smelling like gym socks, so that is my usual method for cabbage. Tonight was just chicken salad sandwiches... I bought a chicken at Costco last week and was really at the "use it or loose it" time. Tomorrow is my favorite beef stroganoff using a steak outta the freezer, but at least for Thursday the plan is to make French toast (had some leftover Italian bread from tonight). That should be nice.

Yeah.... my blueberry bush is totally dead. I might do a pepper in that pot. But otherwise, the garden is looking good right now. Raided my herbs last week for a fish dish for me, and tonight for some tarragon (YAY!) for my chicken salad. I am a happy Hausfrau.

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