Thursday, May 15, 2008

Funny how timelines cross.....

Today, the hubby was asking about the DJ we had at our wedding reception. My lasting memories were that the guy came cheap and did exactly what we asked. No clowing, no showboating, just play the tunes we asked for and if you play anything on our "DO NOT PLAY" list, you may be taken outside and stomped by the bride.

We're picky about our music, but much more picky about the music we hate.

The hubby was looking for the info because a dude at his work is getting married, and we were actually very happy with our DJ service. The owner of the company was actually the one who did our reception, and we couldn't have been happier with him. So, hubby was trying to find the guy's info to pass on to work dude.

I was trying to recall... at our reception (which happened 4 months after we were married in Vegas) I remembered that someone I knew, closely, showed up to hear the DJ in action. I could NOT remember who. My old best friend? Nope, she was already married by then. One gal I knew that I was friendly with? No, it wouldn't have been awkward. And I recall it being oh so very much so.

Three beers in to the night, and my memory kicks in. It was the sister of my first teenage boyfriend. The guy who was my introduction to psychopathic stalkers. Fun times.

Oh.... and.... my sister in law (bro's wife) actually dated him right after I kicked his sorry, lying, psychopathic (gee... wow.... that was a trend for the guys I dated in my teenage years....) ass to the curb. And the stalking started. When my bro started dating my now sis in law, we actually had a conversation where she said she was scared to meet me since the Ex had been telling her - constantly - that I was jealous and I wanted to beat her up. I had no idea who she even WAS. The Ex was all about trying to rock the "jealousy"... which didn't work for me since I was not threatened.... literally, seriously, honestly.... by a "girlfriend from Canada" (rock it... Breakfast Club!). But it was kinda neat to find out I had such a rep as a bad ass that my now sis in law was scared of me at some point in time.

Back to the point......

Yeah. It was awkward. Even though I was friendly with his sister for several years after the Ex was dumped to the curb. I think it was most disturbing when I was talking to the Ex's sister and my now sis in law came up to me.... although she really seemed to think her bro was a paranoid nutjob, we might have accidentally and given some credence to his whacked-out ideas at that point.


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