Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Siete de Mayo!!!

(Yeah... I missed the 5th. Ooops.)

That was the base for dinner on Monday... when I asked the hubby what kind of Mexican food he wanted, he said "Seafood enchiladas". Couldn't find a good recipe, so I roasted a poblano, a jalapeno, and a red pepper, chopped up some green onions and garlic, diced the chilies, added a little bit of milk, cream cheese, and chihuahua and cheddar cheese (I don't subscribe to the Italian belief that you don't mix seafood and cheese) and dumped in some boiled shrimp and some beautiful lump crab I had (the original plan was to make crab cakes until the hubby admitted he loves crab but is not too fond of crab cakes - and frankly, the stuff was so lump I'd have destroyed it trying to make crab cakes). That went in to tortillas, top with more cheese, and a good meal was had by all. Yay!

I was a productive Hausfrau today... it was a Pulled Pork Day... pork shoulder in the crockpot with some sliced onions, garlic, a little water and some spices, just pulled it apart when I got home and we had it as BBQ sandwiches. Also made some coleslaw - mix some mayo, cider vinegar and sugar to taste, dump in cabbage. At least dinner was easy.

And because dinner was so easy, I was productive in other ways. Four loads of laundry done, kitchen cleaned, and two shirts and one pair of pants got some repair work. What the heck is up with clothes lately? When clothes naturally get worn or torn, fine. But this was all new stuff. The hem in one leg of the pants just totally gave out, and the two shirts busted at the seam the first time I wore them. I also really like both shirts. Stinkin' clothes. Making me do sewing. By hand.

Not entirely sure what is for dinner tomorrow. I do have some fish that I took out of the freezer because I was out of room... might actually just do a fish dish for me and some frozen chicken cordon bleu for the hubby. I was originally planning on stroganoff, but I already did salisbury steaks this week, and I also have to plan for next week. We've got the 80th B-day party of my aunt's significant other on Saturday, and Mother's Day on Sunday... so no grocery shopping for me. Might try to hit Costco on the way home from work on Friday since I am also running low on "bulk store" supplies.

Weee... got the newest room mailer for Harrahs Vegas stuff today... seriously... way more free dates than I have ever seen. Usually we're damned cheap and a little restricted by the free dates we can get... not so much this time. As usual, I will leave it up to the hubby to figure out details for the next trip.... I gotta do enough thinking around here.

Oh, and another one of my ornamental grasses got dug up. I believe it is one I had constant problems with last year and already had problems with this year (although it doesn't explain other plant damage) so I believe that one might be due to a critter problem, since it really looks like it was dug up by a critter rather than yanked out by a inept landscaping dude. I think I'm done with planting for this year... might lay back and see what "takes" in the front bed before I put anything else in. On my drive to work, I actually see a lot of daffodils (in some REALLY odd places... don't know why they seem to grow so wild the next county over) and they've been looking nice to me. If I have dead spots to fill, I might look to plant some of those.

But for now, I am more than happy to veg out for the rest of the night.

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