Sunday, May 18, 2008

When you're a Hausfrau, the weekend is never relaxing.

So, after last weekend with places to go all weekend, I was looking forward to this weekend.


Woke up early on Saturday and it was Mission Clean! for the day. Cleaned, organized, put things in order. I swear, my husband sheds hair like a bleepin' dog. I dared to tackle the carpeted stairs... which were covered with SO much of my hubby's hair it was ridiculous. He's been talking about wanting to get a dog, and he's not on the same wavelength as me with getting a non-shedding dog like a poodle, so he was informed that there was no WAY we'd be getting a dog without getting a maid service for me. I couldn't do his hair and dog hair.

Our cruddy vacuum is not good on the stairs and the hubby busted the little broom vac I'd been using, so it was a struggle with the vacuum falling in to me several times to get the stairs done. But it got done. As did the rest of the cleaning & straightening up.

We ordered a pizza for dinner, watched Cops, and I feel asleep on the couch for a few minutes. Woo! What a Saturday night.

Today was grocery shopping and other fun errands, which also involved going to find another tomato cage. Went to one nursery, and they only had these huge tomato plant structure things that were much more than I needed. Walked around, and what do I find?

Chocolate mint. Two different bleepin' kinds.

Yeah. I bought it. And also had to get a pot to put it in. Sigh.

Went to another garden place and found my tomato cage. Got home, got that around my plant, did a salmon filet for me and a strip steak for the hubby for dinner, and did a few hours of work for Old Company. Woo.

And right now I am so dead tired, I'll be lucky if I wake up at all tomorrow.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

You know, my Daddy had a huge farm and garden. He never once used a tomato cage. I remember as a child, Daddy had a spring next to his cabin. It was in a big depression in the ground with a rock garden around it, going up in tiers. The spring fed out into a stream that went to a pond way down the way. The spring had a sandy bottom with crawdads in it. Which was a good thing, since they ate the bad crap. Anyway, I digress. He bought his tomato plants as bare root seedlings with red clay mud wrapped around them, with a rubber band, stuck in a Dixie cup. He left the tomato seedlings in the runoff from the spring water. And just let me say, that's the best and coldest water I've ever had in my life.

Rosie Hawthorne said...
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