Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Grab the Lysol....

... and spray your computer screen liberally so you can keep the germs away.

I understand that working in an office, and really most workplaces, there are office colds. But, our office is seriously overcrowded in the first place, and our cubicles are really jokes. You can't have a person in your cube without them being all over your personal space. So, when someone gets sick, it travels thru the office like a lit match on a trail of gas (or at least how the movies has told me that happens).

Yesterday, there were some coughs from others in the office, and by the end of the day I knew I was coming down with it. Got home from work, made some nice sauteed chicken breasts in a little butter/garlic sauce with some capers for me (and even the chicken-hating hubby liked it in the end) with some baked potatoes and steamed broccoli. Worked out, did some work for Old Company, and knew I was crashing.

Woke up this morning with full-on fever. Thought about it for about two seconds, and called in to work. I don't have anything critical going on, and I sure as shit am NOT going to be sick for the holiday weekend. So, went back to bed and slept thru as much of the hot/cold spells as best I could. One of the more interesting fever dreams involved my serious panic about Cheetos being pulled from store shelves in the area. Woke up from that one, decided to heat up some onion soup for lunch, and munched on the last "lunch-sized" bag of Cheetos that I had. Hey, sometimes you have to listen to your body!

The outdoor noises were picking up (it was garbage day and the crazy lady two doors down is having work done on her house and it sounded like a zillion trucks coming and going and beeping all morning) so I planted myself on the couch, popped in DVD one of the old BBC version of Pride & Prejudice, and crashed for the afternoon. Woke up to switch the DVD off to regular TV, then work again when the hubby called at 4:30 to see how I was doing. Took a shower, and crashed back on the couch.

Hubby made some grilled peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for dinner. Always yummy

And now, the fever has finally dropped and I think I'm getting back to normal. Should be back to the office craziness tomorrow. I'm guessing at least one coworker will be down with what I was out with today.

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