Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pasta + Cheese + Garlic Bread = Goodness

Even when it comes from a freezer and a jar, it's still good.

I've been wanting to try the Dei Fratelli marinara sauce that That Word Guy gave me a few weeks back, and while looking for something else in the freezer over the weekend I saw some cheese ravioli in there. Then I saw them do Cheesy Garlic Bread on America's Test Kitchen (even though I know I've seen that episode before... I think I was too distracted at the garlic press and finding it online to buy it and I missed that part of the show) and the plan was set. Nice, easy Tuesday night dinner. Oh yeah.

And I managed to not light the sauce on fire or anything tragic tonight.

I cut the butter and cheese in half for the garlic bread recipe, and I still could have cut it more, in my opinion. (And of course it was good even with the extra butter and cheese, but I am trying to cook healthy over here. Really.) I even used a loaf of bread I pulled out of the freezer the last time they had small french loaves on sale, and you couldn't tell at all.

LOVED the pasta sauce. When I was trying to figure out if they carried it at any of my local stores (they do) I realized that they are also my favorite brand of diced, canned tomatoes for the same reason it was suggested I try the sauce.... not overly acidic. More tomato-y than my regular Prego, but no heartburn an hour after dinner. Too bad I have two jars of the Muir Glen sauce in the pantry, and at least three bottles of Prego....

Nice to not totally &#@&@#! up dinner after how I was feeling last night.

Not sure what the plan is for tomorrow. It's the last day for some hamburger I have in the fridge. Might do some burgers, since I have buns left from last night. Can't do anything pasta-ish since I did pasta tonight (yes, the hubbly-bubbly gets that picky sometimes) and did nachos yesterday, so anything Mexican is out. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions.


That Word Guy said...

Jars of Prego may be donated to your local food pantry.

MrsVJW said...

I'd get rid of the "twice the price" Muir Glen stuff before the Prego.

Yes, I can be that trashy.

Scarehaircare said...

I still prefer to make my own sauce out of plain tomato sauce and my spices. I pretty much follow Jane's Marinara recipe.

Please post the cheese bread recipe, it sounds divine.