Friday, November 21, 2008

Bad blogger! BAD!!!

Forgive me, for I have been a bad blogger this week.

I wanted to show off some stuff... like making sausage gravy for a yummy biscuits & gravy night, document the making of rueben sandwiches, complain about my husband's attitude toward stir-fry night, Beaujolais Nouveau Day... but it's been busy 'round here.

Since we got my elliptical up and assembled, I've recommitted to the weight loss track. Now, I'm one of those people that is NOT willing to give up the food I love (well, I will use portion control, but butter, eggs, cheese and breads still need to have a place in my life or I'll be a horribly unhappy person) so my only option is excercise. My goal is to try and get in three "intense" workouts a week, and two less-straining workouts in. On goal with that so far thru this week.

However, it's cut into my free time. I'm not a morning person who can wake up and get on the elliptical, so I do it first thing when I get home. So, of course, this week was working late and then dealing with horrible traffic and trying to get home in enough time to get the workout in and have dinner ready at 7pm. I succeeded. But there just wasn't time to worry about photos or put together a post or nuttin'. Sorry, folks.

But, that shouldn't be the story for next week, since at 5pm today, the first week of furlough at work started. One whole week of no work. Several days of cooking ahead for Turkey Day. All the time in the world.

I'm actually kinda looking forward to the furlough. Sure, it'll burn up all my vacation time, but I was likely going to be taking off most of the same days anyway. Sure, there will be some unpaid time in there. But I am happy to take the cost of some lost money to ensure I still have a job. It's a fair trade off in the current business world.

No excercise tonight and no cooking tonight... Friday is my night off. Hubby picked up some Culvers and we stuffed ourselves silly.

Tomorrow is Cleaning Day. I always cook MUCH better in a clean and organized kitchen, and mine is very much not that right now. Also want to get the rest of the house straightened up so I can just do spot-cleaning until the holidays, and not have to worry about it then.

Meeting ThatWordGuy for lunch on Monday, which should be fun. On Tuesday I plan on running to Hagen's Fishmarket to get some smoked shrimp, since I have been DYING for some for about nine months now. Wednesday will be all kitchen time, and Thursday will be enjoying the fruits of my own labor and the labors of my family.

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