Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Wooo! I have an elliptical.

So... a few months back, my ultra-cheapo exercise bike died on me. It was time to replace it.

I was also thinking of going for a different piece of equipment, since the bike just obviously wasn't working too well for me this go-around.

I checked out Dick's Sporting Goods, and I wanted their $500 Fuel elliptical, but it was not in stock. They told me to call the next week. I called for three weeks straight, and they did not have it in stock.

After work today, I plugged the new Butch Walker album (awesomeness!) into the car stereo and headed out for some errands... mainly hitting Trader Joe's. And it so happens, I drive right past Dick's on the way home. So I stopped. The elliptical I wanted was not in stock, but they had one model left of the next cheapest one. Their last one in stock. The guy even mentioned that it took them 9 months to move the 6 units they got at the start of the year, and they had already sold the 9 latest they got in the past couple weeks. I whipped out the debit card. This one is also a smidge smaller, so it would fit in the back of the Escape. Score!!!

So they loaded it up, hubby unloaded it when he got home, and it's waiting to be put together, probably this weekend. I'm looking forward to it. I *really* need to get some more excercise in, and I'm even thinking about starting to get up in the morning as the same time as the hubby and forcing myself to get on the thing. With the upcoming furlough from work, I have NO excuses for not getting on the thing.

Attempted a Cook's County recipe for Chicken Vesuvio tonight... meh. Didn't do much for me. Although even two stock ice cubes worth of veal stock did wonders for the sauce, it still wasn't super fantastic. Oh well.

And while at Trader Joe's I was hoping they had something other than ulta-pasturized heavy cream so I could try some homemade creme fraiche. I think I've read enough where I am about 80% convinced that it will not result in some science experiment gone wrong that will take on a life of its own and be waiting to kill me in the kitchen when I get home. Or make me sick if I try to use it. Again... I am not one who suffers from food-squiemishness, but "at room temperature for 24 hours cream" goes against some of the few things I stick to (although... on a recent Cook's Country/America's Test Kitchen thing they said that when potato salad "goes bad" it's actually not the mayo that turns... it's the starchy potatoes... who knew???).

But, they only had ulta-pasterized cream, so no go.

And with all this obsession about creme fraiche, it's kinda obvious why I need the elliptical, no???

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