Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's 9:30pm, and I don't have to go to work tomorrow....

Let the happy Furlough Feeling begin!

I must admit, it actually made for a nice weekend, knowing I didn't have to slam everything into two days.

So, of course, I slammed everything into two days.

Saturday is was cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Only thing I did not get around to doing was vacuuming the carpet. No biggie. Might do that tomorrow.

No cooking. I ended up running to pick up some Jimmy John's. The parking lot was a madhouse because the Little Caesar's a couple doors down was having it's opening weekend. And it was crowded. And I was confused. Why... in a town where there is at least fair-to-good pizza on most every corner... would people be standing in line for that stuff? Back, years ago, when that stuff was the big 2-for-1 deal it was what we ALWAYS got for pizza parties at school because you got a lot for the money. But it was all always gross. Ick.

Today was shopping day. I was thinking of putting it off until Monday, but figured the store would at least be staffed for crowds today. It was oddly uncrowded. There were a lot of people at the stores last week, so I don't know if people were stocking up then, but it was just oddly un-crowded for a Sunday before the holiday.

I did end up having to go back to one store a second time... the chocolate/pumpkin tart has a crust made from chocolate wafer cookies. I looked at three places and could not find them. Got home, and after the groceries were all put away I hit the 'net... turns out that a lot of stores now put them by the ice cream cones & stuff. Sigh. I hate it when stores do that. And I also wonder WHY, in this digital age, they don't have some gizmo for the people who work at the stores where they can do a simple search on some wireless device and tell you were to find something rather than staring at you blankly when you ask a question.

Kinda fizzled out after that.... relaxed, watched some TV, made crab & scrambled eggs for dinner. Used green onions rather than chives, and it was still good. But man... that recipe just calls for good crab. I've tried it with lesser-than-lump crab and it's just not as good.

Going to head out tomorrow morning and try to get a little Christmas shopping done. Afternoon will be coming home and doing some cooking and cleaning out the freezers. Wooo. Dinner plan is bagel dogs since we have about a zillion and a half hotdogs in the freezer. Ooops. My bad. And come to think of it, I might pull out another 4 hot dogs and do a double batch of bagels, as long as I'll be doing it anyway.

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The Country Mouse said...

Totally with you on the wafer cookies. My grocery can't decide where they live. Very frustrating.

Enjoy your week!!!