Monday, November 10, 2008

German Apple Pancake

So.... in my laziness yesterday, one of the things I blew off (like taking down/inside my Halloween decorations) was a trip to Trader Joe's. It was just too cold to leave the house yesterday.

One of the things I needed to pick up was chicken breasts. I've become a big fan of their pack-o-individual packed, no hormone chicken breasts. I can convince myself to ignore a lot of things about the food I eat, but all these Godzilla-sized chicken breasts that are showing up at grocery stores CANNOT be good for you. Seriously... a chicken breast should not be the same size as a turkey breast.

With the breasts that I did not pick up, I wanted to try a Chicken Vesuvio recipe in the free issues of Cook's Country that I got after signing up for the new PBS show. I didn't feel like going all the way to Trader Joe's, so I hit the neighborhood grocery store.

Ten dollars. For a package of chicken breasts.

That was either for two "hormone free" ones, or three "loaded with hormones" ones.

Um... no.

So, scrambling for a menu plan, I recalled that I had the apple on hand for, and have been wanting to try, a German Apple Pancake recipe. I figured that and some of the Canadian bacon I got at the deli counter would make a nice meal.

The hardest thing of it all was the timing... the batter is supposed to sit for a half hour. I usually get home about 6pm, and try to have dinner done by 7pm. That means I got home and immediately whipped up the batter, then cleaned up a couple things, then started the apples (left the peels on) and it was all in the oven by 6:30, so it could cook for the 25-30 minutes.

I did use real eggs. I don't usually keep Egg Beaters or anything on hand unless I'm planning on using them for my own weekday breakfasts, and I'm one of those types that is NOT going to believe there is anything wrong with the incredible edible egg.

I used my 12 inch cast iron skillet, so I only cooked it for it for 10 minutes at the lower temp. It came out perfect.

See? I told you.

I was so impressed, I spent 10 more minutes looking for my powdered sugar to give it a proper beauty treatment...

It tasted as good as it look. It's supposed to serve 6 (HA!) but they're small servings. I had two. The hubby had four.

I know I'm overly impressed with myself, but I usually do not have the best luck with stuff like this. I suppose it worked because it's far more eggy than your typical pancake... more like a french toast recipe.

Only change I would make... I'd up the amount of apples. I cut up 3 granny smith apples, but I could have gone for more apples.

I'll make this one again.


Hurricane Mikey said...

Godzilla-sized breasts scare me, too. But not the chicken ones.

MrsVJW said...

Well, Mikey, you're in a place where you see more than your average American.....