Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mr. Hausfrau!

Today is the hubby's birthday.


The days leading up to this day were filled with some mid-life crisis like brooding, but he's been surprisingly upbeat today. Yay!

I got him a NFL Chargers hoodie... the cool one where the hood kinda looks like a helmet. He likes it.

As I am told is the traditional way to spend your 39th birthday (since you're no longer young enough of hip enough to go club hopping or get all gussied up), we got home from work, and the hubby drove my old '99 Cougar (which is his "winter" car since a Camaro is NOT good in Chicago winter snows) over to the nearby Ford dealer shop so it could have a tune-up and the works.

In the entire time I owned that car I had much love for it, but the Cougar has a very female personality. A very needed female. At least once a year it would raise much fuss and you'd have to pay attention to it and end up throwing about $500 at the problem to get it happy again. I don't buy jewelry for myself, but I spent more than the equivalent on that car. But I still love her... she was my first "new" car and was totally, %100 my decision, and even though the hubby complained about her constantly when she was "my" car, now that she's "his" car, he knows she's a good gal.

Prices of everything must be going up, because the calculated costs before we even walked out of the shop were pushing $650, even if they don't find anything else (and they will... those models of Cougar EAT breaks and rotors to death).

On the way home, we picked up Famous Dave's. Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like a hot link, drunken apples and a corn muffin. Yum!

I was also very happy today because my two recent purchases from Crate & Barrel, a ricer and a cordless warming plate, arrive in the mail. Yay! One step closer to actually making the sweet potato stuffed pasta from the French Laundry cookbook. Now if I can only find the fresh pasta sheets at the Italian grocery store were the dude told me I could find them.....

The hubby is taking tomorrow off work, so I suspect he'll loligag around in his underwear until about 4pm. I also bought him balogna, so he can make himself some fried balogna sandwiches while I am out. My brother (and my cousin, when he was visiting during summers when we were kids) loved fried balogna sandwiches, while I always thought they smelled more like vomit in a pan. I cannot STAND the smell of them. So hubby is only allowed to make them when I am not in the house, the overhead fans are running, and it's gonna be a couple hours before I get back. So, mainly, on a day off.


The Country Mouse said...

Oh, man. You too? DH loves fried bologna (what a word), and I think it's disgusting. Then he puts stinky hot sauce on it. Urgh.

MrsVJW said...

We have some of the tomatoes that I picked before the frost turning red, and I suggested that he could use one for his sandwiches. He looked at me like I had two heads and told me you put ketchup on it, NOT tomatoes.