Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Happy Turkey Day!

Hope Turkey Day went well for all, even if you chose to stay in and heat up a frozen dinner (hey... sometimes you just know your own company will be better than the outside world).

I woke up this morning to a crusted-shut right eyelid that was also swollen. Lovely. It was interesting doing my last-minute things in the kitchen this morning with one eye, but I managed to do it. All of it was pretty similar to last year.

But oh.... if you were thinking of trying the Pumpkin-Pecorino Gratin? DON'T. Epic FAIL. Not good.

Not hitting a single brick & mortar store tomorrow, even though I want to get an eye mask that you can heat up to try and get this crazy eye under control (apparently, I might have an ingrown eyelash or "dandruff of the eyelashes" or something zany).

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Scarehaircare said...

Hope you feel better.

I had to laugh at a news report at an ER. The person being interviewed said that they usually see three types of cases on Thanksgiving: food poisoning, bone breaks from playing football, and psychiatric cases caused by mingling with family. :)