Monday, November 3, 2008


The Supreme Tamale.

It's a staple at any good, corner hot-dog stand around Chicago. I became familiar with them during a non-hotdog-phase of my life (I know, I was a picky eater as a kid). But to this day, I'll often get one of those nice, hot, steamy tubes of plumped cornmeal and suspicious meat filling and enjoy it as a side to a hot dog.

Or, on a night like tonight, I'll top it with some chili outta the freezer and eat it aside a chili dog. A couple of the places I shop do carry them in the freezer section (they're dirt cheap) and the steam in minutes or nuke in seconds. Tastes just like the hotdog stand. Yum.

An easy meal like tonight's is especially good on a night where I seem to be suffering from a total lack of coordination. I managed to royally whack my arm on the door when walking in the house (it started turning purple right way, which means the whole upper half of my arm is likely to be shades of black and blue tomorrow). Also managed to fall up the stairs (at least the carpeted ones). Just one of those nights where Mr. Coordination was NOT my friend.

I did manage to chop and onion and retain all 10 fingers. The onions we didn't use on the chili dogs went into a pan, I cooked those down a little, dumped in some chopped garlic confit and a can of tomato sauce and let that simmer a little bit. Yep, I made a pizza sauce. Which will get use in a historic occassion tomorrow for dinner when I attempt to make a pizza. Yes, pizza making is historic (and usually horrific, the few times I've tried) for me. We'll see how it goes.

Oh, and forgot to mention it last post... we went and saw "Rocknrolla" on Friday night. If you were thinking of going to see that movie in the theater... save your money. Man, did it suck.

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