Monday, March 16, 2009

25 random things.....

1. I was once whack in the head by Pat Boone. Ok, a door via Pat Boone. I was an intern at a radio station and I was doing something or other in the prize closet, and he was leaving the building and just tried to slam the door shut (even though I am sure my behind was sticking out and very visible). As I coped with the pain, he stepped over me.

2. I'm obsessed with my fingernails.

3. My favorite movie is still Gone With the Wind.

4. I cannot stand goat cheese. It only reminds me of what the goats smelled like when I was at the petting zoo as a kid.

5. I've never traveled outside of the USA.

6. I collect Barbie Dolls. SHUT UP.

7. After seeing the Seven Year Itch, I tried potato chips and Champagne. It's now a very guilty pleasure of mine.

8. I have a collection of first edition Dr. Seuss books.

9. I've been accepted to the graduate Computer Science program from my Alma Mater twice, but have never taken a graduate level class. Somehow, I always get laid off before the next semester starts.

10. One St. Patrick's Day, I had corned beef and cabbage at my step-grandma's house and then went to my local watering hole and did (I think... so the bartender's stories go) 20 shots of tequila. I think the cop who checked IDs at the door of the club was nice enough to drive me home that night.

11. The hubsy and I got married April 2, 2005. Our reception was in August of that year. I wore a $15 dress when we actually got married, I upscaled-it for the reception and wore a $100 dress. I still have yet to get them properly dry cleaned (I plan on doing that this week... found them when cleaning out the closet).

12. Thanks to one local Mexican eatery close to where I grew up, I have a fear of miriachi bands.

13. My dream college in high school was the University of Southern California. I applied, got a standard "thanks, but no thanks" letter and then completed my enrollment at DePaul. Two weeks before I started at DePaul, I got a frantic "why haven't you submitted your roommate preference" letter from USC. Turns out, I was accepted. I ended up going to DePaul. And do not regret a second of it.

14. I love listening to loud music in my car with all the windows rolled down. It sounds better that way.

15. I was once stalked by a fairly big rocker's fairly big ex-wife. I'm still trying to figure out why.

16. I hate wearing shoes.

17. I've never had a "naked" nightmare, but I have nightmares where I am barefoot and they are terrifying to me.

18. I got straight D's in math in high school, but I oddly had the highest percentage for correct answers for math questions on the acidemic team in high school (I was a nerd. SHUT UP.)

19. I am convinced if I have something in my purse or bag or luggage, I won't end up needing it. Which is why I always carry a lot of stuff.

20. I can't believe I got it this far in this list.

21. My dream car is a vintage Thunderbird.

22. "You're too stupid to have a good time" is a movie quote that will reduce me to laughter every time I see it.

23. I refuse to get a gym membership because I listen to music when I work out, and I mouth the lyrics and dance along. And no one needs to see that.

24. I have a weakness for Swedish men. I don't know why, but I do.

25. I've never fired a gun, but I'd like to. At a range.

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BustyRedHead said...

love this. some things i knew. some i didn't.