Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chicken Wings Redeaux....

Usually, I don't like to repeat a recipe so soon after I make it the first time. But the last time I made chicken wings, there just weren't enough for us. We both wanted more.

Yes, I mixed them up with the sauce in my Le Creuset. It was already on the stove top and easier than getting out my big glass bowl (which is usually full of the rest of the bowls that nest in it).

I had 8 wings, the hubby was trying to kill an even dozen, but he only made it as far as 10 before he surrendered. Note to self... need about 20 wings on a weeknight. I'm sure on a weekend dinner (hubby doesn't eat as big of a lunch, if he has one at all, on the weekend) I'd probably need a few more than that.

Comfort food was a good thing today. Found out that an old family friend passed away (although to make it to 90 and go while sitting peacefully in your favorite chair is a pretty good way to go). But it does make me sad... he's been a part of my family's life since long before I was born, was one of those people that you called "grandpa" even though there was no blood relation (and I've had gladly traded the blood-related grandfather and step-grandfather that I did know for him). Also found out we've still got MORE job cuts coming at work. Man, this economy is the pits.

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