Tuesday, March 3, 2009

When the temperature hits 30 and a Hausfrau's thoughts turn to gardening....

Got the new Spring Hill Nursery catalog in the mail yesterday.

Oh yeah.

I'm good with vegetable plants, have managed to break my unlucky streak with actually keeping my herbs alive indoors, and next it's time to conquer the outdoor landscape.

I have had success with stuff from Spring Hill in the past. My daylilies and pink Lamium I got from them a few years back have yet to completely die on me, despite the best efforts of the landscapers who cannot tell the difference between flowering plants and weeds.

The problem is, the spot I really want to see all green and growing is part shade. And for the most part, I don't like most shade plants. I do not know why I don't like hostas, but I just don't.

But yesterday, flipping through the catalog, they had a twenty buck "jumbo shade grab bag" thing. I know there is going to be a hosta in there. But I've decided that even a hosta is going to be better than another year with a big, ungrown patch in front of the house.

I did also get a Burgendy Lacy Japanese fern... I'm also not a fan of ferns, but this one looks pretty neat. I guess I'm just not a fan of "just green" ferns.

We'll see. This is the time of year where I am just hopeful... hopefully I can get it planted and get it to grow and maybe not have to worry about buying new stuff next year.

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Rosie Hawthorne said...

I just bought a bunch of seed packets at WalMart the other day when it was in the high twenties and snowing. I'm willing it to be spring.