Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How come this never happens when I'm in Vegas???

Dude... how come I never get monster luck like this in Vegas???

Actually, I usually don't get monster luck like that on this training program (WinPoker). I believe I was $4000 in the hole before I recently decided "do-over" and zeroed out.

Other things that don't happen in Vegas.... Polish Food Night!

A new Polish deli opened up near my mom's house, and after some less-than-stellar batches of Polish sausage from the "good" place that my parent-in-laws frequent, I asked her to pick me up a link of their sausage to try. The local produce mart/deli doesn't do that good of a job with their sausage... to much gristle. And the mass produced stuff... while the flavor may not be that bad... that stuff has the texture of baby food. Nasty.

So.... a traditional Polish food night around here. Cabbage, pierogie, and sausage. A meal that I like more than my 99% Polish (there is a little French in his family tree) fourth generation American hubby.

A head of cabbage and a chopped onion... oh my, that's a lot of cabbage...

To avoid "cabbage stink" in the house, I usually briase it in some chicken stock and dijon mustard. I don't know why the dijon cuts down on the cabbage stink, but it seems to.

I also ended up adding some whole-grain dijon, because I wanted a little more dijon flavor and I'd have had to run downstairs to grab a new bottle of dijon.

Bring on the sausage!

Looked good, smelled good.

The "frozen and not fantastic" potato and roasted garlic pierogie. From frozen, and a product of Canada, apparently. Hey, the one "from the old country" Polish guy I work with has family that relocated to Canada. So they must have some idea of the concept up there. And these actually were not bad for utility pierogie.

I cut the sausage and let it steam/reheat with the cabbage.

Cabbage... good as always. After about a half hour medium-heat braise, it's not mush but it's not crunchy.

The sausage... there was just something kind of odd about it. I thought it needed more garlic, the hubby detected something sweet in it that he didn't like a lot.

Looks like the search for a new Polish sausage source will continue.

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