Sunday, March 8, 2009

You take your kafta bi sanya and dip it in the labna....

Yes, I am such a dork that I will occasionally buy a product because it reminds me of something on TV.

And apparently, if it was on the Simpsons, I am utterly compelled to buy it.

Hence, Labna.

Basically, it's yogurt cheese. In addition to a couple kinds of good Greek yogurt, you can apparently find this around here now.

And it actually did come in handy, since I was making some Tzatziki last night to go with gyros and eggs (slices of gyros meat from the deli counter, fried until a little crispy, and some poached eggs. I'd have pictures of that too if I'd remembered to charge my camera battery).

I actually started with some Greek yogurt that I had, and then added some cucumber and some garlic I accidentally took a little past the "basic confit" stage to slightly toasted...

The cucumber really thinned it out, so in went some labna...

I think I'm converted to this stuff for making Tzatziki from now on. This means no need to drain the cukes or the yogurt since its already basically drained yogurt. And its always fun to throw new things into my grocery cart.

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