Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kitchen Math

So, a repeat of the Chicken Wings ala Alton Brown for dinner tonight.

Who knew I'd need kitchen math?

I'm bad at math. Like, 2 + 2 = zebra. Never have had a head for math.

Usually, kitchen math is trying to divide things in a recipe or the calculation of cooking times to get everything done at the same time... tonight it was trying to figure out how to balance the workout with the cooking.

Workout is 30 minutes. Chicken wings (already steamed) require 20 minutes, then a flip, then another 20 minutes.

30 does not equal 20.

30 does not equal 40.

I ended up doing 20 minutes of my workout, running upstairs to throw in the wings and turn on the time, then finishing my workout and continuing. This was all done between 6 and 7pm tonight.

On to the food!

I steamed my wings last night while I was cleaning the kitchen. I threw them in the pot with the water and turned the timer to 15 minutes when I heard the water boiling.

On to the pan, ready for the oven.... have I mentioned that taking pictures of the food also needs to be added in with kitchen math???

As a starchy side, I decided to use the potatoes leftover from my pork fiasco as some twice baked 'taters.

Gutted 'taters and some green onion...

Add some sour cream and cheese....

Now, on to the wing sauce.

Have I mentioned I love hot sauce??

Yeah. That's our bottle of hot sauce. And not the good hot sauce, I only have that in 2oz bottles. That's just the "everyday" hot sauce. Yes, I use that much of it. I love me some hot sauce.

Sauce, butter, and garlic.... even looking kinda crime scene, there is a beauty to it...

Wings at the halfway mark, and my 'taters going in to heat up and get melty good..

Time to apply sauce to wings....

Oh yeah.. 'tis a beautiful thing.....

Wings... good. Potatoes... meh. I don't know how to get a good twice baked potato - other than loads of fat - that isn't dry.

I wish I would have made more wings. I only bought one package... should have bought two. I had six and the hubby had the rest, and we both easily could have eaten more.

So I at least got something wrong in kitchen math tonight... how many wings we each need before we feel like we've had our proper fill.

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