Wednesday, May 27, 2009


And "ugh" too.

The past couple have days have been spent being down in the dumps over the current jobless situation. I try to go with the theory that "why would you want to work for a company that doesn't want to hire you?" for the most part, but the let down last week has kinda kicked me in the metaphorical balls. Dude... it was perfect. I know I was perfect for it. And I fear anything else that comes along is just not going to be as perfect and great as that was. If anything comes along.

A week of a silent phone and no email prospects is not a good week.

But on to happier subjects... hash browns!!!

I love hash browns. But have never been able to make really good ones until tonight.

I won't show you the omelet carnage. T'was not my finest night making omeletes. But thankfully, even when they're over-browned and not perfectly formed, they usually still taste pretty good.

While searching the interwebs for a no-fail hash brown recipe, I ran across this.

Another use for my potato ricer? I'm all in!

Note... best way to shred your potatoes (not a fan of doing those in the food processor... I like the smaller shred that hand-done provides) is to do it directly into a bowl of water. I also usually drop the peeled potatoes in the water so nothing turns icky brown while I'm doing it.

Meant to get more pictures of the process and such, but I got distracted by a call that did NOT lift my mood at all. So, sorry. Deal.

However... squished-drained potatoes plus a cast iron skillet and I was at least pleased with my mad skillz as a home cook tonight...

And they looked as good as they tasted. Always a happy thing.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Sorry about the job situation.
But the hash browns look pretty darn good. I haven't made some in a while but Mr. Hawthorne was watching Sunny Anderson the other day make bacon and sage potato pancakes and he wants to try them.

Super Crafty Chick said...

my mom swears by using already baked potatoes from the night before. Leftover or cook more than you need. Something about the baked once, fried once makes a delicious hash brown, and she shreds, but I will suggest to her the ricer, she has a gigantic williams sonoma ricer that should work perfectly.