Friday, May 29, 2009

Pizza Friday!

I think I like the idea of Pizza Friday.

A LOT. Now that I can actually make a successful pizza dough. Still can't get it quite as thin as I would like, but I'm working on it. I might actually need to halve the dough I've been making and go for two smaller crusts so I can get some stretch out of them.

Also, I need to figure out if I've just been resting my dough too long (usually make the dough, then let it do its thing while I work out and then run errands, since in the past my problems have been not letting the dough do it's thing long enough). Today when I picked it up out of the bowl, it immediately tore. Oops.

But Pizza Was Had Anyway!! (All Hail the Pizza Lord, Harry Dresden! Um, yeah, unemployment has meant I've blown through the entire Harry Dresden series in about two weeks. Good books.)

The original thought was to go with a simple tomato and mozz pizza, but the Gods of Fresh Produce were aligned against me. I had a big, beautiful, ripe tomato leftover. Maybe a little too ripe. When I picked it up to cut it, there was a dark spot on the bottom. And when I cut unto it, half of it was black.


I knew I had pizza sauce in the pantry, and I also had some low-fat salami that was left over. Might as well use up the leftovers. And some fresh oregano and basil from the garden. (Yay! Herbs from the garden! I think I need to figure out how to work tarragon into a pizza)

Lovelyness.... ready for the oven....

And twelve minutes later, a wonderful, tasty pizza....

Yes. It was good. I do need to try and figure out how to get the crust thinner, but I was very happy with what I threw together.

And another wonderful thing about Pizza Friday... I'm trying to get the major grocery shopping done on Friday, and after some slices of pizza for lunch, it is quite nice to walk though a grocery store with a very full tummy and only by what I need. I guess there is something to that "don't shop hungry" thing.

And maybe, just maybe, it helps to brighten my mood for the day. It was 7:20 PM before I was in my car and mumbled "I hate people." That usually happens by about 7:20 AM.

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The Country Mouse said...

That looks sooooo good.