Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stairs = 1, Hausfrau = 0

I am uncoordinated.

I know this.

I always manage to trip over air, walk into walls I am well aware of, bump into things that have been in the same place for years, whack my head on corners... I'm just not coordinated.

But this weekend, I managed one where the actual un-coordination didn't surprise me, but the result did.

I hurt myself, falling UP carpeted stairs.

And the silly thing is that if they weren't carpeted, I probably would have been fine.

Rugburn. Bad rugburn, on my tummy in a place where it hurts whenever I move.

I blame the flimsy jammies I was wearing at the time.

But, despite that, the weekend goes on.

Friday night was actually pretty good. We found a new favorite pizza joint.

Crust was perfect, sauce was good, and the actually put the pepperoni on top like we like. We were quite pleased. Only downer was this place's jalepeno poppers are the cream cheese variety. We prefer cheddar. No biggie in the big scheme of things.

Before dinner, I started taking some aptitude test thingy for one place I applied to. I'm not against taking tests as part of the job hunting process. I wasn't quite prepared for the last part of this one.

The first two parts were general "what comes next in this sequence" things with letter patterns and graphic patterns. Was actually kinda fun.

The last part of the test (which was timed) was written math problems. They instructed "no calculator".

I made it though about ten problems with a pen and paper, with my answers coming nowhere NEAR any of the choices.

Probably going to kill my chances with the job, but I just said "Screw it" and quit. (The pizza also arrived 15 minutes earlier than I thought. That did play into the decision).

One of the reasons I think I do well at my job is knowing when something is beyond my scope, rather than trying to sit there and figure it out for two hours on my own, and just asking someone else who knows.

If they don't care to value that, it's their loss.

Saturday was Massive Cleaning Day. I spent the day scrubbing down the kitchen, cleaning the downstairs bath, getting all the floors cleaned, and giving a bit of a wipe down to the upstairs bath.

Hubby picked up gyros for dinner.

Aaaaand then I took the great fall on Saturday night. Go me.

The pain must have really been bugging me last night and I must have been doing an awful lot of sleepwalking, since I woke up twice down on the couch downstairs. Yeah, notice that I can handle stairs perfectly when I'm sleepwalking... it's the "awake" thing that is apparently more difficult.

But, despite that, groceries don't buy them selves and yadda yadda yadda, so today was time for some errands and the grocery store trip, made all the more fun by the fact I hurt pretty much every time I moved.

At the produce mart, they had ripe bananas on sale, so I bought some with the idea of making some banana bread.

Searching the interwebs, I ran across recipes for peanut butter banana bread.

Wait... you can do that???!?!?!

And further reading... adding chocolate chips to peanut butter banana bread.

Oh my. OH MY.

So, I whipped up a couple loaves today.

Went with this basic recipe, and just added in some chocolate chips.

Mushed up the bananas in the mixer...

When I added dry to wet...

Uhhh.. that seems kinda thick... I was always under the impression that banana bread was more like zuchinni bread, which is more like a cake batter (at least the recipe I use.)....

I was doing a double batch of the recipe, and I just dumped in a whole bag of chocolate chips. I probably could have used less. But that "more" didn't hurt.

Ready for the oven....

While that cooked, it was on to the marinade for some Tacos Al Pastor. Tacos Al Pastor is something I've always wanted to try, since around here "al pastor" pretty much just means "pork", not the pineappley-chile marinated things that I have heard people swoon about. For Cinco de Mayo I knew I wanted to try them, maybe even a kinda crockpot version since the meat is kinda shredded anyway.

Couldn't find guajillo chile powder, but I did find dried guajillo chiles, so I chopped those and added them to the blender with some OJ and blended away....

I also got to use the Words Cutest Little Can of Chilpotle Peppers....

I love those little cans. Two peppers and coupld of spoonfuls of sauce in each one... it's just perfect for most recipes.

Sauce, blending away (before I realized that I forgot to add the onion, which I did add before I was finished).....

Pork, marinating.

I was hoping to find a nice, boneless pork loin and just slice that into slices and marinate/stack the slices.

Neither the produce/meat market OR the regular grocery store had boneless pork loins. I didn't think it'd be that hard to find ANY cut of pork right now due to the confusion about the whole swine flu thing. But apparently it is.

I thought it would be a breeze to de-bone the pork loin roast I did find.

Um... no. It looked like a friggin' crime scene when I was done.

So, this will most likely go into the crockpot on Tuesday morning to stew, since the meat ended up kinda in chunky bits. Ooops.

But the day was not all lost.....

I wish the internet had smell-o-vision.....

Peanut Butter Banana bread. And it smelled like ALL those things.

Dinner was some plain old brats and potatoes on the grill. No big whoop.

Desert was the banana bread. And yes, it was a winner.

One loaf will be wrapped up and stashed in the freezer for next Sunday, when I'm doing a brunch for my mom & sis in law (Woo Debbie... enjoying the sneak peak??). The other loaf will be enjoyed this week. If it lasts throug the night.

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