Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pardon me, but who was in pants this morning?

So, this morning, I taped a gauze pad over the burned area on my leg, just so I wouldn't have as much fabric from pants rubbing up against it.

I recall that it was still in place when I sat down in my cube at work, after getting tea. It ws pulling on me. I remember it.

When I reached the point of the after-effects of tea and headed to the ladies room, I was being very careful so I wouldn't dislodge the whole bandage job.

And... it was gone. Not even partially attached, not even hiding down my pant leg.


I have NO clue what happened. I was wearing some sorta tight jeans, so I don't know how it would have been able to move without me noticing it.

As I walked back to my cube, I didn't see it on the ground anywhere.

It was no where on the floor of my cubicle.

Unless it was all somehow absorbed into the fibers of my jeans, I have NO idea where the heck it went. Very odd.

Anyway... tonight was an easy cooking night after last night... steamed some tamales and poured some leftover chili from the freezer stash over them. Always easy, always tasty.

And that left me some time to wander around and check out the growing in the yard.....

Ahh... my beacon silver lamium. I swear, it's impossible to kill this stuff. I can't wait until it's all in, and sprouting it's pretty pink flowers.

And holy crud.... the stuff I planted in the front is actually GROWING!

Even a few little flowers on my.... um.... uh.... um... er.... plant....

I bought some pansies at the grocery store several weeks back. Now, I prefer the purple and white ones. I noticed that these ones were a little more odd than in the past...

What's with the two petals on all the flowers? Oddly enough, I noticed the same thing on some pansies my mother in law planted. Turns out, we bought them from the same chain.

Think my sad little lilac bush is trying to tell me I should have planted it in a sunnier spot?

Yeah... I could do without it trying to take over the steps.

But look... other stuff out back actually growing!!!

And more flowers on the same... um... er... uh... plant.

Oh joy! The first little tomato flowers!

And I do not know why I continue to buy purple basil. This stuff dies on me every year.

But then I also helped my dad plant carrots every year, knowing that we'd be lucky to maybe get four or five out of four square feet of land. Ya never know when you'll get lucky.


That Word Guy said...

Your perennial looks to be a fern-leaf bleeding heart.

That Word Guy said...

Au contraire, it is not imposible to kill lamium. There was a nice patch here when we moved in. I even tried to encourage it to grow by removing some of the fabric mulch that surrounded it, but it just dwindled down to nothing after a few years. Very sad. Yours looks quite nice!