Monday, May 18, 2009

Comfort Food

So... Friday was the last day at work.

I think my boss was trying to prevent me from being an idiot and working the majority of the day... he was at my desk early to do some of the form signoff and take my badge. I took it as a sign, and only stuck around until lunch time to head out to lunch with coworkers, and headed home.

Lunch was nice.

I stopped at the outplacement office to try and confirm when my outplacement appointment this week is... NO help. There was one guy there, I told him who I was meeting and my name, and he said he'd call when he found out.

He didn't.

I ended up having to dig up the number of the guy I'll be meeting with, and I finally got a hold of him at about 4pm.

Dinner was take out... nothing like a perfect batch of Culver's chili cheese fries and a chocolate malt to cure what ales ya, sometimes.

Saturday, the hubby unit woke up early to head into work, and I was planning on headed out with my mom for a bit, but she wasn't feeling well and called it off. Just as well... we didn't have much in the way of food in the house. I hit the grocery store.

While at the grocery store, a very pissed off hubby called to tell me that for the second time in less than a week, he got a nail in a tire on my old Cougar. Seriously - we just had all new tires put on the thing on Monday, when he also picked up a nail.

He high-tailed it over to the tire place in hopes they could do a repair, and I finished up my shopping to then go pick him up.

What to serve a crappy hubby to make him a smidge happier??

Chicken wings! And some Super-Stuffed Baked Potatoes.

I didn't have any Boursin cheese, but I did have open cream cheese that I needed to use. So, I started with some garlic and shallots in a pan with some buttah....

Mixed those with the cream cheese, then added the guts of four potatoes that I cooked in the oven (sorry, Cook's Country... potatoes from the real oven are just better). I got to use my rice. Yay!

Also added in some chives from the garden.

Stuffed potatoes and half-done wings, ready for the oven....

Mmmm... wings.

Although they didn't get as crispy as I wanted. I probably should have steamed them a little longer.

I was pretty happy with the potatoes...

Even hubby agreed, it was a nice change of pace from regular, plain baked potatoes. But it might also be because he never takes up the offer for some chives on his potato. Don't ask me why.

Lovely... butter and hot sauce coated wings....

Always good.

Sunday night was just steaks and grilled potatoes (that decided to not cook all the way through, um, yay?) with some grilled asparagus.

And today is the first day of unemployment... ran some errands (bank, post office and market) and I'm currently testing out the nifty feature of our DVD player/VCR that lets you copy VHS tapes to a DVD. I've got a LOT of stuff on VHS that I'd like to have a more permanent copy of. Lord knows I have the time to do it right now.....

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