Wednesday, June 27, 2007

And another day that blends in to the next.....

Very unexciting day.

At work, Wednesday is "meeting day". Usually at least two, sometimes up to four, hours of the day is spent in meetings. Not as bad as some companies I've worked at where about 10 hours a week were spent in utterly pointless meetings, but still puts a crimp in the day where you don't end up getting much done by the end of the day.

Which, of course, meant today I had to get a set of documents & help files out to review, and get something finalized and sent over to our translation company (that is based in Sheffield UK, so now running at like half power with the recent flood conerns).

A highlight of my day was lunch.... had the last of the Tuna Tartine I mixed up on Sunday. No worthy bread in the house, and I knew I wouldn't be able to run out at lunch time to get anything, so I just diced the egg and radish and mixed it with the tuna. Gotta say... even three days after the fact and sans the bread, it was still darned good (and for me to like something WITHOUT the bread... that's big!!)

Come home late... just mentally drained (it happens a lot on this job, we have to think about a lot more things than most tech writers need to). I knew I pulled chili out of the freezer last night, and I knew I also had tortillas and cheese, so some totally unimaginative chili quesadillas formed in my mind.

Got home, got the mail, brought in the trash cans (garbage day), cleaned up a little in the garage, went to check my plants out back (we had hail today) and I've got about 12 real tomatoes growing, and too many grape tomatoes for me to remember the number. And the first strawberry has started to turn red. Weeee!!

Came back inside, changed the clothes, pulled out the fixin's for dinner. The hubby walked in, looking beat as hell (it's been busy at his work too.... like us, understaffed!) but then saw the chili and his face lit up.... he asked if we were having chili cheese dogs. I took a quick look at some buns I had, they appeared OK, so I promised chili cheese dogs. Hey. I am a HausFrau after all. I like to make my man happy with dinner (well, sometimes, lol).

Relax for a few, started dinnner. After I plopped the dogs in the water (I'm a Chicago gal.... we reheat them in water!) I went to get the bus to steam them a little... and of course, all the parts covered by the printing on the package had turned south. Damnit.

So, a little thinking... and we ended up with chili cheese dog quesadillas for dinner. Very Semi-Half-Assed (tm) but in the end, it worked, it was tasty, and the hubby was in a better mood after dinner. All is well.

I did work out tonight, but have otherwise been a sloth with all the good Wednesday television... Ghost Hunters, Footballers Wives, Rescue Me (that one hurt..... Chief!!!). Still have to watch the last couple minutes of Footballers Wives but I know the nutter Amber goes all "Kali" on Bruno and ends up in the looney bin, and the return of Tanya!!!! Wooooooo!!!!!!!

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