Monday, June 25, 2007

I think the Men of Hell's Kitchen offically became Hell's Bitches

... c'mon.... grossed out at eating pigs fit, herring and tripe??? PLEASE!!!!!

What a bunch of mutha-fucking pansy ass pussies. And I meant every word of that.

Seriously.... eating some tounge, some liver, some stomach lining, a couple of preparations of herring that I have been seriously craving lately.... and it's time to hurl chunks??? Get over your chicken-breast loving asses and be a fuckin' man about it!! Jeebus.

Not an interesting night in Casa de la Hausfrau. (It's Hausfrau... which is feminine.... la is still right, right? Ugh. Too much timing editing foriegn languages today at work) I thought today was going to be a busy dat at work, so this morning I plunked the fixins' for a pot roast in the crockpot before I left for work this morning. I was happy I was awake enough to be chopping onions this morning, I've had episodes of When Kitchens Attack trying to do that before.

Lunch was my tuna tartine ala the Bouchon cookbook. My presentation was not as fancy, I mixed my olives with the tuna, and kinda wished I'd also just mixed in the egg and some diced radishes. For my tastes, it'd be better as a true tuna salad and not having to spend 5 minutes assembling my lunch in my cubicle, lol. But it was still DAMNED tasty and the best tuna I have ever had. WOW.

I did have to run out and buy bread.... damned you humid weather, the toasts I made last night were soggy and gross by lunch time. All was good though.

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