Wednesday, June 20, 2007

How can eating all day make you so tired???

Pardon me for typos or incoherient thoughts. Half paying attention to my guilty pleasure.... Footballers Wive$. Oh yeah!!! But I so want Tayna back. Like two episodes ago. Get Amber the Nutter off my TV!!!

So. Today was the return of the New Bride at work. The cake was already ordered, and my boss and I had talked about taking her out to lunch.

New Bride got to work, all happy and smiles, got the story of how it all went down on a smoke break, congratulations were given, blah blah blah.

We quietly schemed about picking up the cake without New Bride catching on, stored the cake in one of the lesser-used fridges. Before I knew it, was time to take New Bride to lunch. Off to the Cheesecake factory.

It took FOR-EV-ER for someone to take our order. Even slower than usual Cheesecake Factory service. But food was very very good (even if they totally forgot dressing for my side salad.... but eh, just extra calories missing). The three of us split a piece of cheesecake... all old married ladies now!!!

Got back to the office just in time for a meeting, and I snuck to get the cake and bring it to the meeting room where many many people were waiting along with New Bride... congrats again, time for eating cake! Last thing I wanted after the big lunch and cheesecake was a slice of cake... but I did my duty and ate about 3/4 of a piece.

Spent the rest of the workday in a food coma. Too much food. Too much sugar. Really wanted nap.

Worked late (to make up for all the party time - I still got some tight deadlines coming up) and got home late.

I was a bad HausFrau tonight.... just picked up Burger King for dinner. I was hardly hungry and some chicken tenders were good for me (why are they still called "tenders" when they are now all stupid and crown-shaped, she wonders??). Then a half hour of watering the gardens and wrestling the tomato plants in to their cages. I am the proud mama of three baby regular sized tomatoes, and four baby grape tomatoes. And three tiny strawberries. And a basil plant that's gone batshit nuts over the past two days (many tops to pinch off). I really hope this is a better growing season than last year.

And now... TV time! Wooo!!!! I should be excercising, or cleaning (which is now more important to get done since the hubby invited company over the weekend after the 4th... um... and when am I supposed to find the time to clean??? GRRRR). Or doing something other than surfing the 'net and watching TV. But, Wednesday during summers is the busy TV night. Ghost Hunters, Footballers Wives, Rescue Me, Top Chef... man, I'd not enjoy life without my Tivo!!!!

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