Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hunting Trip

So... tonight was the Mussels with Mustard Saffron sauce.

Turned out pretty OK. I thought the mustard was a little strong, and I could have used a better wine. Might be better with something a little lighter & fruiter than what I used (Charles Shaw Sauvignon Blanc - yeah, I know).

The hubby at least at his without a grumble.... although I know it was waaay too much wine taste for him.

I had the worst damned time trying to find mussels. Since I'm on a hunt for nicoise olives, I figured Whole Foods would be a nice, one-stop shopping trip.

Before I left work, the boss asked me if I'd mind stopping at Costco on my way home (she usually drives the same way I do in to work... she knows I pass it) to order a cake for tomorrow for the newly married co-worker who should be back at work tomorrow. No problem. They had some pretty awesome looking french loaves there, so I figured I'd do the "stand in line for ten minutes to check out one item" thing.

In car, headed back towards home, have to snake around to get to Whole Foods without totally heading out of my way.

There... finally. Huh. No nicoise olives in the isles. And double huh... they seem to have gotten rid of the little olive bar. Damnit. Do they have an mussels? NO. Le FUCK.

So, headed home, changed clothes and quickly ran to the nearby produce mart. No mussels in the display at the seafood counter, but they had some in back and were more than happy to help me out. Yay!!!!

Got home, later than I wanted. Started the cooking, and ended up eating later than I wanted. But it was a decent dinner... lord knows I've done worse.

The hubby rented some movies today, so I knew the excercise session would be out. Sat around for a few, and apparently he decided to watch the ball game rather than a movie. Once it was about 8:15, gave up the idea of working out. I figure I at least got some excercise running around three different stores, right?

Not sure what dinner plans are for tomorrow. The hubsy has to work late (he thinks) and I might also be working late. I might just see what I can pull out of the freezer, either bagel dogs or chili over tamales.

I cleaned out the fridge last night, so don't need to do that tonight (it's garbage night). Yay!!

Now it's time to spend some quality time with my video poker software, practicing for the upcoming Vegas trip (if the hubby ever books it... grumble....)

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