Monday, June 11, 2007

And the typical workday.......

Got to work a few minutes later than I wanted this morning. Pretty typical.

Work actually wasn't too hectic today.... but since I'm currently in the throws of 5 projects that are all going to be due within the next month or so, I'm sure it won't last! (I'm a technical writer. You know that book that came in the box when you bought your router that you've already tossed in the trash? I might have written it. Well, probably only if you're in Europe. I've worked on our Euro lines the most.)

At about 5:30pm I looked at the clock. Darn. Meant to leave work at 5pm (this is pretty common - I work more than fourty hours a week, usually, out of my own free will and stupidity).

In short... the night was.....

Leave work.
Stop at store.
Come home & change clothes.
Relax for two seconds.
Start dinner prep. Raid herb garden.
Cook dinner.
Wake up grumby husband from evening nap (how come I never get one of those????)
Minor cleaning.
Pull a bagel dog out of the freezer for hubby to eat for dinner after he poo-pooed the chicken.
Watered plants in the back.
Watered plants in the front.
Worked out on excercise bike (after ten minutes of moving it back in to place and re-balancing it... hubby moved it over the weekend and always forgets that means I need to re-balance the thing).
Cleaned off floors and cabinets from my cooking exploits.
Chatted online a little with freiends.
Cleaned dishes, put hubby's clothes in dryer (at least he got them in the washer).
Checked online to see how much a copy of the French Laundry (Damn you, Diner Girl!!!) runs. Might buy myself one this weekend (since my dad passed in 2005, every holiday when I'd usually give him a cookbook, I buy myself a new cookbook). Who knows when I'll be able to cook anything from it... but I'm sure it will be a joy to own.

I was trying a new recipe for dinner tonight... Chicken & Asparagus with Melted Gruyere. Needed to stop at the store on the way home to buy the Gruyere. Also knew I needed lettuce for BLTs tomorrow. Got home, and found a full head of lettuce in the fridge. Shit. Looks like some salads will be eaten this week!

Recipe was easy enough, but the hubby wasn't fond of it.

My husband has the tastebuds and likes/dislikes of a five year old. Seriously.

Groans whenever I make chicken. Hates balsamic vinegar. Doesn't like it when I put anything - meaning even salt and pepper - on his steak when I'm grilling steaks. Not fond of sauces, for the most part. No stinky cheeses. No strong herbs. Won't eat fish. When I make pork he often mistakes it for chicken.

The recipe did call for tarragon... and with two tarragon plants in my garden, I'm in my full-blown fresh tarragon summer addiction. Hate the dried stuff, love the fresh stuff (I might need to try harder to keep my plants alive this winter). I chopped up a bunch for me, and sprinkled it on top of mine before I ate it. I liked it well enough. I better - got enough left for two lunches this week!

Total klutz in the kitchen today. Got flour everywhere, dropped sour cream on the cabinets and floor, so that had to be dealt with.

While doing all this - watched the new Hell's Kitchen and No Reservations. Ahhh. Summer Monday nights when I get to view Furture Husband Number One (Bourdain) and Future Husband Number Three (Ramsay).

And now is the best time of night... a glass of chilled savignon blanc and The Daily Show. Nothing exciting on the wine... just Charles Shaw... I'm a cheapie for my every day wine drinking.

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